Some of you … you know who you are … want to get things in place before taking massive action.

And I get it.

I’m most definitely a to do list, know the steps kind of girl.

But there’s a difference between wanting to have a plan and needing to have it all figured out.

The first one can rest on a loose idea. You have some idea of what you’re doing but you also know that idea can change and you’re okay with that.

Now the 2nd one, you want to know all the steps. What happens first. Second. Third. All the way to the end step. You want to know it all before taking action.

Real talk … if scenario #2 sounds more like you, you are literally killing your business.

If you’re waiting to figure it all out, you’re never going to take enough action to see results.

The thing is, things can change at any moment. Your carefully laid out plan can quickly go to shit.

Then what? You need to pivot.

Instead, start without the detailed plan.

Have an idea and just take action. Let the first action lead you to the next action.

Keep going.

You don’t need to know the whole plan.

Because you can never know the whole plan.

You never know who needs you.

You never know exactly what they need.

Let life surprise you.

Let your business and your audience surprise you.

Let it be fun.

If you feel like you absolutely need to have some things in place before acting, you can have a loose plan.

Have an idea of what you can offer. But allow things to flow naturally and organically.

Take the first step and see where it goes from there. Business can be a fun ride if you allow it to be.

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