Hold up!

Stop the presses.

I going to tell you something that needs to be said …

If you’re only posting inspirational, thought provoking content, you need to stop.

If you’re going around only sharing your divine downloads and insights, you need to stop.

Let’s be real. These posts are great. But let’s call them what they are. They’re meant to show your audience your spiritual, enlightened side in hopes that they will resonate with you.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with this. I love it when people I follow post meaningful shit. Especially things that really make me rethink things and reflect on myself and all my life’s decisions.

There’s definitely something amazing about leading someone to that a-ha moment just by some super-charged post that kicks them in the ass and makes them say “holy shit I need more of THAT in my life!”

But is it enough to make people break out their credit card and work with you?

Probably not.

It may inspire them.

Make them want to see even more of your words and delve in deep into your world.

But if that world doesn’t go farther than inspiration, you’re going to fall short of your client goals.

People love to be inspired but they also want to know that you know you stuff before they hand you their hard earned cash.

Kind of like how you want to read the Amazon or Yelp reviews before making a purchase. The description full of wow-inspiring adjectives and empty promises just isn’t enough. You need to know it works.

When it comes to your business, people want to know you can get them results. And inspiration and rainbows isn’t going to show them that.

So what do you post?

Instead of telling people that you know your stuff, literally show them that you do.

Give your audience something tangible. Something that they can see or use.

Here are some ideas:

  • Give them action steps to take. Lay it out for them.
  • Give them one thing they can implement that will get them towards their ultimate goal.
  • Tell them how to do something. Think to-do’s and tutorials.
  • Show they the results you’ve gotten. Include stats!

And I want you to continue to share your stories and downloads.

Because they are amazing.

But don’t forget to go deeper and give them a little something that makes them say “wow! She’s deep AND she really knows her stuff!” That’s what makes them want to work with you.