Imposter syndrome. Fear of failing.

These are very real, very in your head things that keep you stuck AF.

But what if I told you there was no way you could get it wrong?

Like no way possible that you could ever screw anything in your business up?

I’m willing to bet your bullshit meter is going off.

Or your first thought was “Psssht. Yeah, right.”

Okay cupcake, listen up. Because I’m about to blow your mind with something you basically already know, but have forgotten.

You ready?

You can’t screw up being you.

Now I know it can feel like we can. Especially if you have some personal stories around not being good enough.

But when you build a business around who you are and what your soul’s purpose is, there is no way you could ever fail.

Just by being you, sharing your journey and your stories, you get to inspire others.

By living your best life and being who you are at your core, you get to influence the lives of others.

And yes, when you live this openly and authentically, there is bound to very fear and doubt.

Fear of what others will say.
Fear of being judged.

But there is also an excitement that comes with it. Because you are living in alignment, and alignment and flow breeds abundance.

When you are at the core of your business, there is no way you can get it wrong. You simply can’t screw up being you. Sharing you. Sharing your stories and your personal lessons.

Remember this the next time you start to worry about getting it wrong or failing. Tell yourself that there is no better you, than you.

You were put here for a reason. Live your purpose.

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