I often go between feeling amazing and questioning myself. 

Thoughts of “am I good enough?” and “who am I to do this?” and “can I even do it?” swirl through my head. 

Sometimes I want to give up. Chuck it all out the window and admit defeat. 

But that would be admitting that I’m not good enough. That all the times I was told that I couldn’t do it, were in fact, true, and that I can’t actually do it.

I think worthiness comes up for a lot of us.

And not just because some of us were told we weren’t or were treated like we weren’t.

It’s because we have dreams and visions so huge that the sheer magnitude of it feels so large and grand.

So how can I, just human me, possibly be worthy of it?

Here’s the thing …

If you have the vision, there’s a reason for it.

You were given it, therefore, you are so worthy of it.

And I know, that concept can be difficult to believe at times. But think of it this way … if you believe the Universe/God/Source created you, what is the reason you were created? Just because?

If you look at the way the world works, everything is so intricately connected, how you can possibly believe there isn’t a bigger reason for each and every one of us?

You were created for a reason. For a purpose. And you are so worthy of your dreams and desires because they were made just for you.

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