Your blog headline is the first glimpse of your blog post that a reader will get.
It will determine whether or not the reader will go on the read the post, or skip over it entirely. When your post pops up in search results, social media, even your email newsletters, if your title isn’t intriguing, people will just skip over it.
So how do you make your blog headlines attention-grabbing?
Here are some tips:

Go for passion. Forget keywords for a second. Yes they can help you in the search engines, but when we’re talking about getting readers to pay attention, you need to focus on words that will invoke a reaction from them. What are your readers passionate about? What will get them to stop and listen? Example: Here’s How to Break Your Losing Streak and Get That Girl
Use numbers. They are attention-grabbing. Something about the way they tell readers exactly how many tips/tricks/tools/whatever they’re going to be getting. Pro tip: Digits work better than words. Use 5 instead of Five.
Tell them exactly what they will learn. How-to posts typically fall here. With titles like How to Write the Perfect Blog Post or How to Win on Pinterest, readers know exactly what they will get out of reading your post. Make sure your title tells your reader what’s in it for them. What will they learn from reading your post?
Discuss something controversial. People love drama, and posts that convey some sort of controversy or debate attract attention. But be forewarned, people are often very passionate about certain things, and starting a debate can really bring on strong opinions. If you are prepared to handle the comments and back your post up, a controversial title can really gain you attention.
Pose a question. Readers are naturally curious. When you pose a question, they will either want to respond to it, or find out what the response is. Questions as post titles are a great way to draw readers in and get them interested. Another tip? Direct your question at the reader by using the word you. It will make it more personal and not just a random question, driving people to want to answer it more.
Use a qualifier. Tell your readers exactly who should read your post. Write titles that use the formula If __, Then __ For example: If You Are Having Trouble Getting Traffic, Then You’re Going to Want to Read This.
Be dramatic. Use singular words that really grab attention. Warning: You’ve Been Doing __ Wrong. Or Caution: Doing __ Will Cause You to Fail.
Use adjectives. Words like incredible, essential, amazing, effortless, free they add some color to your titles, but also make your reader want to take action. The stronger your adjectives are, the better.
The Best formula. These are actually good for SEO; people are always searching for the best way to do something. Examples: The Best Way to Organize Your Home, The Best Way to Gain Customers Loyalty
Make it fast and easy. Because we want results quickly, but were lazy about it. Examples: The Quickest Way to Get Blog Readers, The Easiest Way to Create Your Household Budget

Once you have your headline, double check it using a headline analyzer.

CoSchedule will score your potential headline and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.
This analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute will analyze the emotional value of your headline. How cool is that?  
Your blog headline is what people see on social media and in your emails. If your headline isn’t interesting, do you think people are going to click through to the actual post? Nuh-uh. So your headline has got to be awesome. Use these tips to create headlines that get the attention your blog post deserves.