I believe that content that is aligned with your energy and values is the #1 way to increase your visibility, connection and authority.

But here’s the bummer.

Writing content doesn’t necessarily mean automatic conversions.

Like most things in life, content follows the simple rule of quality over quantity. You can post 10 times a day but if those posts really aren’t saying shit, then you’re still not going to see any results. 

It’s much better to post one quality, valuable AF, post a day then to fill your feed with meaningless bullshit. 

With that said, if you already have an engaged audience, it’s not going to be too difficult to implement a few fixes and have your content start converting. Let’s look at the top reasons why your content might not be getting you the results you want, and what you can do to fix it. 

#1 It’s not targeted enough

It may seem like going wide and covering all your bases is a good idea. But the reality is, if your content is too wide, it’s not going to catch the attention of the right people. 

You’ve heard the phrase “when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”? Yeah, that. Or in the words of legendary entrepreneur Seth Godin, “Everyone is not your customer.”

What to do:

Get clear on who your target audience is. I know, you’ve heard this before. But it applies to your actual content too, not just what you offer. 

Get specific on who your ideal client is and what it is you offer. Use language that your target audience resonates with. For example, reference fads or movies they are likely interested in. Make sure they know you’re talking to them, and that they’re following the right coach/influencer.

#2 It’s not personal enough

People are more likely to hire someone if they feel like they know them. Especially in a coaching or transformation capacity. They need to feel like they know who you are on a slightly deeper level. They need to feel like they can trust you. 

What to do: 

Just be real. Be honest and open, and a little vulnerable. Share your own origin story, tell people about your own transformation. 

Not only does this let people know who you really are, it also fosters the deeper connection that leads to trust. 

#3 You’re not consistent enough 

Social media moves so fast. Posts quickly get buried in feeds, comments get lost in groups. Even with emails. People are subscribed to so many lists that their inboxes are filled each day. Because of this, you need to be even more vigilant with your own visibility.

What to do: 

Do more. Share more often, post more, email more, create more. You don’t have to spam your audience but consistently showing up keeps you in the front of their minds. When they decide they’re ready to invest, who do you think they’ll choose? The person they rarely hear from, or the one that has been consistently in front of them?

#4 You’re not telling them what to do

Lastly, you need to tell people what you want them to do. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean spam your audience with offers, but it does mean to include calls to action.

What to do:

Make invitations. Ask people to join your group or sign up for your newsletter. Even asking for their opinion on something gets people involved. The more involved they are, the deeper they get into your world, which leads to more conversions.

Content is the best way to connect with your audience and uplevel your business. But not any content will do. In order to convert, your content needs to be targeted and personal. You also need to be consistent with what you’re putting out, and don’t be afraid to tell ’em what you want them to do!

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