If you’re not making sales, you’re just not selling enough. 

I know, logical. But let me break down exactly WHY you need to be selling more. 

(And let’s get this out in the open. I’m totally writing this to me as well #remindertomyself) 

The first thing, your content needs to have your message and promote your business. Period. 

I love inspirational posts. I do. But it doesn’t tell people what you do. And when you get on social media, it’s so damn crowded that you can’t afford to be vague anymore. 

Here’s an example. 

Here’s what I adamantly believe: 
“Content that is aligned with your energy and vision is the key to visibility, connection and authority.”

Sounds great doesn’t it?  

The thing is, it doesn’t tell you that I can help you write or even strategize your content. 

Or something poignant and deep like, “Stars can’t shine without the darkness.” (Btw, I totally read this in a slow, Professor Snape kind of voice.) 

It’s a great quote, and it sums up human existence pretty damn well, but again, it doesn’t say anything about you or your business. 

Now, I do admit these posts have their place. They get likes, which boosts the algorithm and helps your other posts. I GET it. But if you really want make sales, people need to know what you offer. 

You’ve likely heard of the rule of 7. That people need to hear your message 7 times before they take any action. 

I think it may be more than that. 

This is how it normally goes when people see your promos. (At least this is kind of how it goes in my head) 

1st time. I see it, I read it. I think, “Awesome! So and so has a new offer. This looks great. Good for them!”

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th time. I glaze over them a little. I’m sorry. I do. Especially if I got the message the first time. 

6th time. This is where I start paying more attention. Hence the reason why people need to see your stuff at least 7 times. Here I start to think your program looks amazing.

7th time. (By this point I’ve likely seen other posts or ads showing me similar things – thank you Facebook stalker bots – making me think I really need your program) I think, “Okay, I get it. This could really help my business/life/whatever.”

8th time and on. By now, either I’m completely glazing over them, but not deleting you or unsubscribing because I get it, we’re all trying to make a sale, or I’m super interested. And if I’m interested, I’m buying YOUR program because you kept on sharing and stayed top of mind.

You see, those other ads and posts I likely saw, if they weren’t as consistent, they’re not going to be the one I buy from. 

So as you can see in my drawn out example, it pays to sell even more. To show up more. To keep promoting the hell out of your offer. When you feel like you’ve tapped out your audience and no one wants to hear from you, share again.

So now the big question is: How do you keep selling without feeling spammy? Or coming across as pushy?

The answer: You sell with love. You sell from service. Keep on telling people about your offer because you know it’s needed and it will change lives. Do it lovingly and gently. The people who need your offer will thank you for it.