The other day I shared a post on why your inspirational posts just aren’t enough to win over clients.

Read that here if you missed it.

In it, I stated that you need to give your audience something tangible. Tips and takeaways. Give them how-to’s and tutorials.

If you’re a business coach, go live on how to attract the right clients. If you’re a social media virtual assistant, create a freebie that gives your audience specific hashtags to target.

Basically, show off dem skills. Brag on your knowledge. Show your audience just how talented you are.

If you’re a healer or psychic, give people a little taste of your magic. This doesn’t mean you have to do free readings for anyone who asks. Especially if you don’t want to. That’s not honoring your energy or your boundaries. But if you CHOOSE to do a few card pulls or readings because it feels damn good to do so, or a weekly card spread on your page, then do that.

Same with coaches and service providers, you’re showing off your skills and talents.

But here’s the thing, your teaching posts aren’t enough either.

While they build clout and credibility, they don’t necessarily make you stand out.

If your tips and tricks and readings are similar to others in your industry (which they can be, there’s room enough for all of us) how will people decide they want to work with you vs the next person?

The answer: YOU

They will choose to work with you because of YOU. By consuming your content and getting to know you, they either like you more or they don’t.

So when you create videos, podcasts, written content, whatever your create…You need to stand for something.

You need to stand the fuck out.

It means infusing your personality and flavor into the way you teach and the words you use.

It means sharing your opinions, even the ones that may not be so popular. ESPECIALLY the ones that may not be so popular.

Those are what make your audience either say “hell yeah!” and make them want to be your bestie, or make them realize your not aligned.