I believe that facing our shit and healing is the #1 thing you can do to understanding yourself, your desires and your purpose.

I’ve had 2 psychics tell me that they saw me as a healer and that what was doing at the time was going to change.

The problem?

I could not see myself doing anything else.

I didn’t believe I was good at anything else.

It truly made zero sense to me at the time.

But here I am, a reiki practitioner and doing more coaching and less writing.

But even more importantly, I know there is more to be revealed.

Because as time moves on, the more I journal, the more I heal, the more reiki I give myself … the more I learn about myself.

With each layer, the deeper I go, the more I understand.

My purpose may continue to change. And that’s okay.

What I thought was my purpose fit me and served me at that point in time. It was what I was ready for. Ready to believe about myself.

This is why I believe that healing is essential to learning about yourself and finding your purpose.

If you feel like you have a higher purpose, and deeper calling, like there is more for you, start with mindset and healing.

Learn about yourself.
Connect back with yourself.
Remember parts of you that you have long forgotten about.

Your purpose will be revealed to you.

Do not try and push it or force yourself to figure it out. You won’t be able to. What you think is the thing may not be the actual thing.

Instead, journal, meditate, go inward. Trust that as you uncover more about yourself, you will learn what is most important to you, what your desires are and what your purpose is.

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