I had a coach tell me once that I needed to be on Instagram. That I needed to get into more FB groups and share more posts there.

At the time, this is pretty much what everyone was doing.

IG was full of pretty feeds, perfectly curated with on-brand photos. Facebook groups were full of long, poignant posts, written to attract and inspire.

And while all of that sounds great (and looks pretty damn good) it just didn’t feel right to me.

The “it’s not a promo, but really everyone know what’s up” types of posts on Facebook was never my thing. It felt inauthentic. Especially when it’s being posted on multiple groups with little to no other interaction. I know not everyone does it that way, but some do and that’s not my style.

I guess that felt too pushy for me. I know it works, but I also know that if I do it because I feel I HAVE to, it’s not going to work for me.

Actually, anything from an “I have to” energy isn’t going to work for anyone.

There are so many different places you could be focusing your marketing efforts on.

Here’s the thing …

There’s no one way to do things.

There’s no right or wrong.

There’s really nothing you have to do in order to grow your business.

What you should be doing?

Do something.


Pick something that feels good for you to do. Pick something that makes sense for your business and puts you in front of your ideal customer.

And show up daily. When it feels like it’s not working, keep showing up.

It really is about picking 2-3 places or methods that feel the most aligned for you and, and showing up consistently.

Need some steps? Here you go:

Step 1: Pick the marketing methods that feel good for you.

Do you like to write? Maybe blogging and Pinterest is your thing? Do you like going live? What about FB lives and YouTube? Maybe audio and podcasting is best for you?

Pick something that will allow you to show up in flow and from a place that just feels fun and exciting.

Step 2: Get in front of your people

I’m 100% for feeling good and energy being the #1 thing, but let’s be a little strategic here, okay? Where you choose to be, your target audience needs to be too. Or you need to have at least some idea of how to get your message in front of them.

Step 3: Be consistent

Ummm….just do it. There really is no step 3 but 2 steps felt incomplete.

So I guess the 3rd step would be to commit and stay consistent. Keep showing up. Not everyone that reads will hit the like button. Not everyone who watches will comment. You never know who’s paying attention. Keep going.

So to answer the question: where should you be focusing your marketing? The real answer is … where you will feel the most in flow. Focus where you know you can be yourself and show up as the real, authentic and fully available you.