Has this ever happened to you?

You get this great, inspired, brilliant idea for a course, offer or business direction … and then you start hemming and hawing and you don’t take action quickly.

You hold back, maybe out of fear, maybe out of busyness. Whatever the reason, you just don’t make moves right away.

And then …

It happens.

All hell breaks loose and it feels like your life and biz gets turned upside down.

Clients start dropping off the grid.

Obstacles pop up left and right.

You start to feel like WTF all the time because curve balls just keep on coming.

I know it’s shitty. But guys, this is the Universe jumping for you.

The Universe is sending you a BIG message.

It’s up to you to listen and see the message behind the shitty situation in the forefront.

What you make of it is what will make all the difference.

You can look at it as life is out to get you, or you can see it as life is clearing the way for something better.

Because you didn’t take action, the Universe/life took messy, unconventional action for you.

For example, I had been going back and forth on breaking up with a client. Mostly, I was worried about replacing the income. I asked for a sign and the next day, she broke up with me.

Of course I was still worried about replacing the income, but since I wasn’t taking action, the Universe did it for me.

So the next time shit hits the fan, disconnect from the situation and evaluate.

What lesson is this teaching you?

What could it be clearing the way for?

What good could out of it?

Please do feel your feelings and move through your emotions, never ignore them, but take some time (when you’re calm) to evaluate and see the lesson behind the situation.

You see, every situation has a lesson. Not everything has a positive lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

When my daughter was in the 3rd grade, she was curious about my husband’s razor and for some reason she decided to try it on her eyebrows.

To make it worse, she had been out of school, sick for a week, and was nervous about going back. And now she had to go back with no eyebrows at all. It was baaad.

I told her it’s okay to be curious. Because that’s how we learn. Unfortunately, this was a shitty learning experience. But she learned something. Well, I did find some longer hair pieces a week later because she tried to see what the razor did to the ends of her long hair, so apparently she didn’t learn that well.

But the point is … all the things that come at you … there’s a reason for it and lesson to be learned.

And you will find that most of the time, it’s exactly what we need, whether we know it or not. Sometimes it does take while to see and understand the lesson, but it’s there. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes like that.

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