Who are you?

What kind of person are you?

What kind of person do you want to be?

Here’s an excerpt from my morning journal. It’s a little ranty but fun!!

I’m the kind of person who never skips mindset 
Who journals because she knows she needs it
Who surrenders the how and just does the work
Who puts out the message and keeps on going and going
Who knows, without a doubt, that people will buy her offers
I’m the kind of person who is excited to sell and doesn’t worry because she knows it will be successful and if it’s not the next thing will 
Who knows there is always more ideas and more money 
Who doesn’t put pressure on any one thing to do well 
Who let’s go of worry and steps into ease and flow 
Who writes daily because it soothes her soul
Who shares her stories and her message because she knows she is meant to
Who shows up daily for her audience because she wants to inspire them to do the same
Who does the work and knows what’s possible
Who believes in her message
Who believes in her audience
Who knows that we ALL can have it all.

It is safe to be rich 
I allow myself to be rich
I am ready to be rich
I am ready to shine
I am ready to have it all
I am ready to be happy 
I am ready to travel and take the kids everywhere they want to go and see everything they ever wanted to see
I am ready to have money 
To not worry about money 
To be in the energy of money 
It is safe to be rich
To not have debt
To do what I want 
Buy what I want 
Be who I want 
It is safe
I am safe 
I am ready

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