I know what it’s like. That feeling in your chest when you hit publish.

That split second where you want to take it back because all these thoughts of what people might think pop up.

Maybe you do hit delete.

Or maybe you just sit there and cringe … watching from behind your fingers for the first likes and comments to show up, hoping to God that they are positive and you don’t have to deal with any backlash.

Cause you know your ego doesn’t want to deal with any backlash today.

Now imagine … same post, but different scenario.

You don’t worry about what people are going to say. You hit publish and move on, just happy in the fact that you put your message out there in the Universe.

Your ego gives no fucks about backlash, cause you KNOW that your message is worthy.

This is what it means to be confident in yourself, in your vision, in your message.

You know some people may not agree, and you are okay with that, because you are okay with you.

You put out the content you want, show up the way you want, say what you want, create the offers you want … without worry of how it will be perceived.

How do you get this level of confidence?

It starts with being okay with you.

Sorting through all the bullshit that had been placed on you, told to you, shown to you.

Knowing which stories were yours and what belongs to other people.

Knowing that the people who hurt you were hurt themselves.

Having the awareness to recognize the difference between it all, and to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

What’s left after all that shedding?

Just you. The core of you. They you that you were meant to be.

Stripped down, but sure of herself. This is how you show up with confidence.

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