The Universe is funny sometimes.

And not always in a ha ha, that’s a hilarious joke type of way.

Sometimes it’s more like it has this inside joke that its playing on you and only the Universe knows it. So from our end, it just feels like a massive ass fucking that just kinda sucks but apparently there’s a good reason for it.

Like when we decide we want something better, that we’re going to massively shift, it seems that’s when we get the tested the most.

I recently turned down a job that was no longer aligned.

Honestly? It kind of stung to do it because it would have been good money and the client really was a wonderful person to know and work with. But I knew, deep down, that I would end up regretting it.

So I stayed in my truth and said I am no longer offer those services.

And then, I found myself thinking ok Universe, I did it, now what? I still really do need the money this month.

I caught myself and quickly thought, “Woah, slow your roll Corinne.”

Because here I was, saying I was all in and trusting my path, but also putting a timeline, a “I need this to happen now!” clause on it.

When we commit to receiving, when we say we’re going to let the Universe lead the way, we’re being totally contradictory when we put conditions on it.

It’s like saying I’ll let you take the wheel but make sure you’re driving on this exact route.

Yeah, that’s not quite how it works.

Trusting means trusting fully.

But trusting fully does NOT mean being complacent and doing nothing.

It means finding balance.

It means trusting and knowing without a doubt that what you’re meant for is on it’s way to you, but also taking aligned action on the correct path.

It means asking for signs and making moves when you get confirmation.

It means getting quiet and listening, and trusting any whispers and thoughts you get are nudges from the Universe.

It means to fully surrender the destination, but to do your part, taking one step at a time … each time waiting for guidance on what to do next.

Look, waiting and surrendering are HARD for me. It’s not natural for me. I want to do, do, do. I want to come up ideas and take action.

But I know, from years of experience failing, that it’s not the best plan of attack. Things manifest much quicker when I throw my hands up in the air and go, “okay Universe, I hand this over to you.”

Every time I have dropped to my knees and prayed for a solution where I could not see one, professing that I fully surrender the situation, that is when things would open up.

I believe that trust and surrender are necessary. But I also know they can be the most difficult things to do, especially when you really need things to happen.

So trust. But pray. Ask for signs. And take aligned action, one small step at a time.

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