If you know anything about me, you know I prefer written content over any other type of content. 
Of course, I do watch videos and I listen to podcasts. But written (both reading it and writing it) has always been my preferred method. 
Now, I could go on and on about why you still need a blog today, but won’t.  
I did include blogs in this post about the of types of content to grow your business, and in this post about 7 types of content that actively promote your business. 
I’ve mentioned before that blog posts need to be expert status. That you need to show expertise to stand out. 
But when you think about it, anyone can write an expert post on their blog. Anyone can research pain points and write something that attracts an audience and makes them feel understood.
So how do you write something that attracts your true, soulmate clients.
The answer is YOU.
Because anyone can write similar things, and share similar concepts, but not everyone is you. 
And it’s the YOU in your blog posts that’s going to attract your soulmate clients. It’s your energy. So let’s take a look at how to easily use your blog to attract the right people just be adding in more of you.
Define your voice. How do you sound? Not what are you saying, but how are you saying it? Don’t overthink your writing; write how you talk. If you tend to swear, leave that shit in your content. If you tend to be bold and a little bit shocking, go for it in written form. Basically, don’t blend in. Be you. 
Share your values and beliefs. Have opinions and share them confidently. Is there something about your industry that you don’t like? Feel free to mention it in your posts. Share what you think and firmly believe in without fear of what people will think. Those who agree will be drawn in further. 
That’s it! Your unique voice and opinions, coupled with providing the answers to the questions your ideal clients are asking is really all there is to it. 
It’s demonstrating your knowledge, plus showing off your style and flair. That’s what shows people that you can help them (your knowledge), but also shows them that they connect with you on a deeper level (your voice and your opinions).