When I first starting working online as a freelance writer, blogging was. The. Thing. 
Like, everyone and their mother had a blog. This is going to show how long ago this was but Blogger was still a big thing. Because it was free. And anyone could get started. Because like I said, everyone wanted to start a blog. 
But content has greatly evolved since then. Especially for businesses. 
Blogs are still great for reaching and teaching, but there are so many other types of content. If writing isn’t your groove thang, it’s no big deal.
But here’s the question. What types of content should you focus on? What will actually be effective for your specific business, your goals and your audience? 
Let’s start with different types of content …

10 Types of Content to Market Your Business 

Blogs. This still remains in the top 3 for a reason. Written content works. You can SEO the shit out of it and get found on the Google. You can pin it in Pinterest and get found on the pretty much the largest search engine out there. 
Video. Video is definitely top 3 material. I don’t think there’s necessarily a TOP top one between the top types. Just want to make that clear. All 3 are amazing. But video is so effective. It delivers information like written content but allows people to instantly get to know you. 
Audio. The 3rd in my top 3. Audio, like podcasts, is also super effective. Like video, it lets your audience hear your voice. They get to know your tone and hear your enthusiasm.
Email. Email lets you connect with a group of people who literally raised their hands and said, “yes I want to hear from you each week.” That’s pretty special. They trusted you enough to give you their email address with the premise you’d be contacting them often. And your email list? Those are your people. If Facebook decided they wanted to shut down your page, you’d lose all those followers. But your email list is yours. 
Social media. I think of social media posts as shorter blog posts. They can teach, they can inspire, they can make people take action. They help you grow your followers or your group. 
Ebooks. Paid or free, writing an ebook is a fantastic way to spread your knowledge … and possibly make some money. Put them on your website, or go for Amazon for a wider audience. 
Guides. Guides are typically given away in exchanged for an email address, helping you build your email list. Because they’re packed full of value, they also show off your knowledge in your industry.
Webinars. Like live videos, but usually a little longer. Webinars used to be widely used and while they seem to be giving way to live streaming, they still work. The benefit of doing a webinar is that you can get people to sign up and gather email addresses. Again, building that email list. 
Quizzes. Quizzes are pretty dope. They’re fun and entertaining. They give people some information about themselves, and people love to learn about themselves. 
Infographics. Basically blogs in picture form. Infographics are easily consumable and usually provide information and statistics. They can be used in place of written blog posts to switch things up. They also tend to do really well on Pinterest.  

What Types of Content To Focus On? 

It can be tempting to do all the things, and technically you COULD, but that’s not the wisest idea. 
Let me tell you why. 
It’s too much work. Yes, that’s basically it. There’s just no reason to do everything and be everywhere and wear yourself out. 
Plus, burn out is not a good look on anyone. It kills your vibration. 
It’s much better to pick a few things that make sense for your business, and then stick to them consistently. Keep at it. Because content marketing takes time and has a compounding effect. 
Okay, so what types of content do you focus on?
Here are some questions to ask yourself. 
What does good for me? What feels natural?
This is so important. If you don’t enjoy creating it, you’re not going to be in flow. And you’re definitely not going to want to stick to it long enough to see results. 
What types of content does my audience consume most?
Think about your audience. Are they voracious readers? Do they prefer bloodstream? Are they on the go a lot and prefer audio?
Choose one or two types to start. Maximum. Stick to what you’re best at, what comes easiest for you. This will keep your marketing consistent, but will also keep your energy high. 
If you absolutely want to do more, repurpose what you have or simply outsource it (to me! Contact me here to chat about how I can help you expand your existing content while keeping you in your own state of flow). 
There are multiple types of content, and while it may seem like a good idea to conquer them all, the best content marketing strategy includes picking the types that feel good to you and that your audience will want to consume.