Warning: This post might not be for the easily offended.

I mentioned previously I recently suffered an autoimmune attack. Well, treatment didn’t work as well as hoped and I’m currently in the hospital for some blood, plasma filtering.

Don’t worry, it sounds scarier than it is. But yes, I did freak out a bit at first.

So I’ll be staying overnight and I’m sharing a hospital room with this older lady.

And OMG she is unapologetic. She bitches about the things she doesn’t like, she quickly asks for the things she wants.

She says things most old ladies wouldn’t say.

You know that thing they make you breathe into to test your lungs? The nurse told her she needs to keep the ball floating and the lady goes, “if I wanted to go to fuckin Fun Factory I would have.”

Or when they took her to do a CT scan, she asked the guy pushing her if he covered her bottom half. She said “don’t let anyone see my vagina. It used to be a plum, then a prune now it’s a raisin.”

When I laughed she jokingly told me to shut it.

This lady. I can’t. I kind of, sort of love her.

Her ability to speak her mind and say what she wants is hilarious … but it’s also pretty amazing.

She doesn’t hold back.
She asks for what she wants.
She speaks her needs and (this is important) she keeps repeating them until someone listens.

Ladies, THIS is how you be unapologetic about who you are and what you want.

So let me ask you:

Where are you NOT being unapologetic?

Where are you holding back? Where are you hiding your true self and not showing up?

Where are you not clear about what you want? This can be in your business, your life, with your friends and family.

Where are you not speaking your needs?

You see, not showing up fully not only dims your bright light, it dims your energy.

And when we hide parts of ourselves … our audience, our clients, they’re not getting everything we have to give, everything we were born to give.

As you go through the day, I want to encourage you to check in with yourself. Ask yourself where you are hiding. What are you hiding. What are you holding back on. What parts of you are you afraid to let out.

Then take the first step and be more unapologetic.

Be more YOU in your content.
Share something you normally wouldn’t dream of sharing.
Write a post that stirs things up.
Go live even if you’re scared.
Go live with no makeup.
Share a vulnerable story.

Be real. Be raw. Be all of you.

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