For some, hiring a virtual assistant for their business is like the ultimate goal. 
A pipe dream. 
A “one day I’ll be able to do that” thing. 
But when will that day come? Do you put a specific time to it? A certain dollar amount? 
I think for many entrepreneurs, we do place a money figure on it. Like, when I earn $x I’ll have enough to hire help. But in the meantime, we work ourselves to the bone doing everything ourselves. We become overwhelmed and burnt out. Doing all the things; even the things we just don’t want to be doing. 
And what’s the trade off? 
Honestly, even for the entrepreneur who isn’t at their “I need to make $x amount to outsource” income level, the trade off is huge. 
Maybe even bigger than for someone who has hit their goal.
Hear me out. 
When you’re NOT there yet, you should be spending most, if not all, of your time on client work or tasks that will get you more clients. Maybe that’s connecting on Facebook. Maybe that’s answering questions only you can answer. Maybe that’s doing a Facebook Live each day to share your wisdom. 
You want to know what it’s not? It’s not scheduling the content you brilliantly came up with. Or repurposing that video into a blog post, newsletter or social media quote (cause you already delivered your magic when you showed up live. Repurposing that same content isn’t going to take away from your message at all). It’s not sending the welcome packets or answering a million emails, all with the same questions. 
In fact, hiring someone will actually help you reach that income level you thought you needed to be at in order to hire. Because when you’re not spending all your time doing all the behind the scenes stuff, you spend more time doing the actual money making stuff. 
So …

When is the Right Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

My answer, of course, is now. 
But I get it. Realistically, how do you start spending money on help when you really don’t have the money to spend? I got ya. Here are some tasks you can hire a virtual assistant for, even when you don’t think it’s time.

Tasks to Start Outsourcing

Content repurposing. My absolute favorite. You create once, and use it for so much more. A skilled content writer can take your FB Live or podcast episode and turn it into a blog post to pin on Pinterest. A newsletter to share with your subscribers. Or take those pieces of golden wisdom you dropped and use them to create shorter social media posts and branded images. You get to spread yourself across multiple platforms, reach more of your ideal client, drive more traffic back to your website; without ever having to do any more work. 
Social media scheduling. Even if you create your own content, scheduling it takes up time. Add in searching for OTHER people’s content to share and scheduling those. Imagine what you could be doing instead? In the time it’s taking you to promote your business, you could be creating more, connecting more, working with more clients. Yes, it may sting a little in the beginning to hand off these tasks, but if you spend that time on money-making tasks, you could quickly make back any investment in a VA. 
Anything that doesn’t keep you in your zone of genius. Whether you call it your zone of genius, your magic or your forte, it’s basically stuff that you’re probably not the best at. Like all entrepreneurs, you are meant to do something. To help people with something. You are absolutely amazing at that thing. But doing anything else can dull that amazingness. Yes, there are certain things that need to be done in order for a business to run. But they don’t have to be done by you. Here are some criteria. Ask yourself:
  • Am I putting this task off? If you know you need to do it but still keep putting it off, it’s probably not fun for you. And business should be fun!
  • Am I great at this task? Be honest. If you’re not excellent at it, why force yourself? Find someone who is, and stick to the parts of your business that you are great at. 
Many entrepreneurs view hiring help as a luxury, not a necessity. But if you really want your business to grow, it should be the other way around. Hiring help even before you’re ready will allow you to focus on the tasks that are the most fun, the ones the light you up, and the ones that actually bring in the money.