Let me start by saying that my left brain seriously WANTS to figure shit out.

I’m a planner. I love checklists. I basically live in Trello.

I’m definitely the type that wants to know what I need to do before a launch. Like I need to have an idea of the steps and what comes next.

And yes, I did this for YEARS.

I also failed to move forward for years.


I don’t think so. (Did you say this in Kevin McCallister’s voice? I totally did)

Here’s what I know.

I don’t know shit.

You know how things never seem to work out the way you think? Either it’s way better then you could ever imagine, or things blow up and you sulk and pout and want to give up, only for things to work out for the better eventually.

And yes, eventually is relative. Sometimes that silver lining comes soon, sometimes it comes years later. But there’s a reason for everything, even if we can’t see it yet.

Stop trying to plan and strategize.

You really don’t know. You can’t know.

There are a million possibilities.

The outcome could be a million times better than our human brains can imagine.

Stop. Trying. To. Figure. Shit. Out.

Some steps for you:

#1 Know what you want. Set intentions. Visualize it. Journal about it. Do this daily.

NOTE: If you didn’t get my dream life journal, grab that at the bottom of this blog post! It will help you outline EXACTLY what you want your life to look like and set the intentions for it to come to you super quickly. 

#2 Let the outcome go. This or something better really is true. It’s a statement to God that you’re willing to accept your small human brain desires or something way better. Because how awesome would something way better be?!?

#3 Listen to the ideas that come. Take action. Even if it doesn’t make sense. The ideas, visions, programs, sales pages that come to you ar random times. Take action asap.

Guys, there is so much out there for us. And we can’t even imagine. But when we try to figure it all out, we limit the outcome. We’re dictating to God what we’re willing to accept. That’s not cool. I’d personally rather be surprised and amazed at something better. What about you?