Stop trying to figure it all out.

I know it can be hard. Especially when there’s this driving need to put things in place, figure out the next steps and know what comes next, know where the money comes from, know what’s going to happen.

But when we’re so caught up in overthinking, over-analyzing and overwhelm, we also get stuck in not truly understanding and under-doing.

We start leading from a place of anxiety and despair rather than a place of peace and calm.

And that’s a terrible place to make decisions from. Because that doesn’t move you forward. Decisions based on “I have to do this” moves us in very linear directions. Whereas heart-centered, grounded decisions moves us in a upward direction.

Here’s the thing I need you to remember:

You have all the wisdom and the guidance inside of you.

You always have.

It’s just that when we’re so busy trying to figure things out and make sense of it all, we stop listening to that inner voice and start trying to find the right answers from everywhere but ourselves.

So stop trying to reach for outward things and solutions.

The solution has been there all along.

Stop. Listen. Like really, deeply listen.

Let go of the noise in your head. Stop clinging to it. It is not serving you. Stop trying to make sense of things with your brain, instead, listen and lead with your heart.


Here are some things you can do when you’re feeling too much in your head:

Meditate. I’m horrible at being still, my mind and body wants to go, go, go. But meditation does calm you in a way that nothing else does. It quiets the noise that keeps us frantic.

Journal. If you find you have too much things in your head, spend time each day letting it all out. Do some stream of consciousness journaling. Let whatever needs to come out to come out and let it go.

Ground yourself. When you’re feeling out of touch with your heart and too much in your mind, take some time to ground. Get outside and literally put your feet in the ground.

Move your body. While you’re outside with your feet in the earth, go for a walk. If you can’t get outside, put on some music indoors and dance. Exercise. Just move the stagnant energy through and out of your body.

Clear your energy. Imagine a white light washing over you, cleansing the negativity from your physical body and your aura. Let go of what is not yours and what does not serve you. Or you can book a reiki session with me to really clear the energetic blocks and open up your chakras 🙂 Contact me for more info on a 1:1 reiki session. Previous clients have said it was the most relaxed they have EVER felt. 

So the next time you feel yourself thinking too much, step back. Move into your hear and your body and out of your head. 

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