Some of you … you know who you are … want to get things in place before taking massive action.

And I get it.

Let’s talk about control and over complicating things.

I’m definitely guilty of doing this.

I over think. Over plan.

I feel like I have this tendency to want to know what’s going to happen. Like I need to know the end goal.

As entrepreneurs, we want to know what will happen. To control the outcome. We want to know where the clients will come from. What offers we will put out. Where the money will come from.

Think about it.

We create sequences and funnels designed to control where our audience goes and what they do.

But the reality is, we really can’t control the outcome.

We never actually know the ending.

Think about that for a minute ….

Has ANYTHING ever turned out exactly the way you thought it would?

Probably not.

Yeah, some people go through that well planned out funnel and end up as a client, but most of the time, the best clients pop up and surprise you.

Someone reaches out via email and you have NO idea where they came from.

Someone DMs you who has been following you quietly forever and is ready to work with you, no sales call required.

Someone buys your evergreen course when you’re not even actively promoting it.

It’s the surprises like these that make business fun and amazing. And it’s the surprises like these that you never could have planned for. They are beyond your control, and that’s a good thing.

So keep planning your funnels and email sequences.

Keep sharing and creating offers.

But make space for the surprises.

Keep your mind and your heart open for the people who will find their way to you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

And don’t even try to imagine it.

Because that’s the beauty of it. NOT knowing. NOT controlling. Just letting it come.

Simply allow space and be open to the fact that not knowing everything is working in your favor, and that good surprises are on their way.

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