I feel like marketing has become this game.

Who can show up more, post the most.
Who can get the most likes and comments.
Who can have the prettiest Instagram feed.

And lately …

Who can say the most outrageous, shocking thing and get the most attention.

And that’s great and all …

I believe we should be sharing our opinions and beliefs with others. It creates resonance, comraderie. It’s how you build your loyal following.

But, when you start feeling like you have to be bigger than the next person to get seen and heard online, that’s when it’s no longer authentic.

That’s when it stops being about sharing your opinion and your truth, and about trying to out do others. Hell, maybe you’re trying to out do yourself and one up your last post.

That’s when it becomes a game of have to vs I want to say this.

It becomes a performance.

That’s when we start creating this persona.

We start thinking about what we can say next, not what we WANT to share next.

We start thinking about what will get attention, not what is in our hearts.

Can see you the difference?

One is all about sharing authentically. That energy is giving and loving.

The other is about performing. That comes from a place of needing and wanting attention and feeling like you need to say and do certain things. Almost a needy energy.

Here’s the thing.

Marketing shouldn’t be a game. It should be about you, sharing yourself, your stories, your truth, and also your offers.

That’s it.



When you find yourself trying too hard, pushing, stop.

Reconnect with yourself and revisit your message and your mission.

Reconnect with what you want to do, who you want to be, how you want to show up.

Then be THAT person.

Don’t worry about out doing anyone or being the loudest or getting the most attention.

Stop trying to win the marketing game.

Win at the game of being you.

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