Have you ever noticed how hard it is keep hiding? 

To keep secrets? 

Each lie buries you further and further from reality.

Maybe you never intended to lie about anything in your business.

You’re thinking, that’s not me. 

But if you keep parts of you buried, the parts that you actually, honestly would like the world to see, ya kinda are lying. 

You’re lying to yourself. 
You’re lying to your audience.

You are hiding away the best parts of you! 

When we try to do things we’re supposed to do, the way other people are doing it, but what we’re really doing to squashing ourselves in a little box that someone else designed. 

We show up in ways that aren’t fully authentic, and market in ways that aren’t fully aligned, we start hiding parts of ourselves. 

We think certain things shouldn’t be said. 

That we can’t possibly share some things.

But if those things are what’s CALLING to you to be shared, 

If you’re not sharing them because you think you can’t or shouldn’t, 

You’re building a web of lies. 

Yeah, that was kind of dramatic. But it’s true. 

Because pretending to be anything but yourself, and showing up in any way that’s different from how you want to really show up, is just exhausting.

It’s exhausting to keep pretending 
To censor yourself 
To have to decide what to say and what not to say 
To have to worry that you’re saying the wrong thing 
To worry about posting something that shouldn’t be posted

That’s too much thinking.

You didn’t start your business to worry this much about who you are.

You started your business to help others.

To make a difference. 

Don’t you see? 

It’s impossible to change lives and inspire others when you’re constantly worrying about saying the right or wrong thing. 

Instead, what if you stopped hiding? 

What if you just were you, all the time.
With your clients, your audience, YOURSELF. 

Being real and honest with yourself. And unleashing that you into the world. 


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