Let me help you stay in your zone of genius by doing what i do best!

we are a good fit if you are:

heart-centered, soul-driven and magical

You’re a coach, healer or light worker who believes in magic and alignment and following her intuition.

Looking to expand to other platforms

You’re feeling excited about your growth, but you’re ready for more.

Need some help managing it all

You’re ready to hire a team member to help you handle your content so you can spend your time being in your zone of genius.

How I can help:

There’s content … and then there’s EFFECTIVE content.

Content that allows you to share your message and speak your truth, while attracting the right audience. Content that allows your potential clients to decide for themselves if they resonate with you or not, making sales super easy and keeping you and your orbit super high vibe.

Unfortunately, posting whenever you feel like it or whatever you feel like saying just isn’t going to cut it.

Let me help you create content that will smash all your business goals!

Content repurposing:

For the entrepreneur who already has content but wants to do even more with it! Let’s diversify your platforms and spread your message and your magic around to even more people!

Do you have tons of video or podcast content but lack written content? Let’s turn what your already creating into even more pieces of content that can be used on your blog, as a guest post, a newsletter or on other social networks!  


Let’s uplevel your visibility and get you seen by even MORE of your soulmate clients!


(30-min video or audio to 700-word blog post, guest post, email newsletter or social media quotes)
2 pieces per month: $325
4 pieces per month: $625


Content Creation:

For the entrepreneur who needs more content to attract and convert! Let’s create blog posts that your ideal client wants to read and that will showcase your expertise and leadership.

Whether you are looking for blog posts that will get you seen as an authority in your niche, a free incentive to bring you tons of email subscribers,  or website pages that will convey your unique value, I can help get you noticed, and do it in your own unique voice. 


Why not spend more time on your business by handing your content off to someone who will deliver results?
Original blog content Includes keyword research and meta description. Based on 700-word post
2 posts per month: $350
4 posts per month: $675



For the entrepreneur who loves to write their own content but needs help making sure it’s just right.

If you prefer to write your own content but just need help making sure your voice and messaging are consistent, I got you. My written WITH YOU service includes copy editing and proofreading for up to 1500 words per week (can be a longer piece or multiple pieces)

Based on your target audience and goals, I’ll go in and check for readability, consistent voice, clarity, flow and the ability to grab reader’s attention.


Let’s make sure your message and your magic are coming across in EVERYTHING you put out to your audience.

Per month: $375


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