There's magic and intuition, and there's systems and strategy.

And they can happily co-exist.

we are a good fit if you are:

Spiritual and magical

You’re a coach, healer or light worker who believes in magic and alignment and following her intuition.

Looking to expand to other platforms

You’re feeling excited about your growth, but you’re ready for more.

Need some help managing it all

You’re ready to hire a team member to handle your content, so you can spend your time being in your zone of genius.

How I can help:

I see how you roll. You show up, your message flows from your mouth straight to your followers, and it’s magnetic! Your message is usually channeled. You deliver it as it comes to you. You process things visually and verbally.

But did you know not everyone does? Some people prefer to cozy up and read all about it! Some want their content in smaller pieces.

Let me help you take your downloads and inspiration and create MORE. We will craft blog posts that engage and draw people in. Email newsletters that connect and teach.

If you need well-written content that captures your message but doesn’t sacrifice your voice or your essence, I’d love to chat more to see if we’re a good fit.


    *All packages include a 60-minute monthly strategy call.
    We start with an epic Kick Off call that will likely go past the 60 minutes (Sorry, not sorry). We’ll chat about your goal for your business, who you want to reach, what influence you want to have, and come up with the best ways to utilize your content so that you can reach those goals.


    Together we will come up with a plan that covers all the types of content you want to create, brainstorm topics that will attract and qualify the right people, build a loosely-structured calendar to help you stay on track (but will also allow room for creative expression) and determine the best ways to use the content we create together.


    Each month we’ll meet again, talk about what’s been working and what needs to go, make sure our original plan is still aligned with your goals, and tweak anything if necessary. Remember, your business is always growing and expanding, so your content and plan of action should evolve too.
    What you get each WEEK:
    • A written piece of up to 700 words to be used on your blog or newsletter (either repurposed from a audio or video you provide or written from scratch)
    • 3-4 long form social posts to be used to attract or engage your ideal client on Facebook or Instagram
    • 5-6 extracted quotes to share on social media
    • Scheduling of social posts
    • Bi-weekly analytic reports, tracking your followers, traffic or income … depending on what your main goals are!
    • Unlimited Voxer between strategy calls
    • 3-month package: $3,000 (can be paid monthly at $1,117/mo)
    • 6-month package: $5,500 (can be paid monthly at $1,027/mo)
    • (Prefer to write your own content but just need help with messaging and strategy? We can still work together on strategy! Contact me for a quote)

    Ready to get started?

    Schedule a free fitting call so we can get to know each other better.