There's magic and intuition, and there's systems and strategy.

And they can happily co-exist.

we are a good fit if you are:

Spiritual and magical

You’re a coach, healer or light worker who believes in magic and alignment and following her intuition.

Looking to expand to other platforms

You’re feeling excited about your growth, but you’re ready for more.

Need some help managing it all

You’re ready to hire a team member to handle your content, so you can spend your time being in your zone of genius.

How I can help:

I see how you roll. You show up, your message flows from your mouth straight to your followers, and it’s magnetic! Your message is usually channeled. You deliver it as it comes to you. You process things visually and verbally.

But did you know not everyone does? Some people prefer to cozy up and read all about it! Some want their content in smaller pieces.

Let me help you take your downloads and inspiration and create MORE. We will craft blog posts that engage and draw people in. Email newsletters that connect and teach.

If you need well-written content that captures your message but doesn’t sacrifice your voice or your essence, I’d love to chat more to see if we’re a good fit.



For the entrepreneur that already has content but wants to expand on how she uses it, or wants to expand to other platforms without sacrificing more time.

Let’s take your 30-minute podcast episode, 30-minute Facebook live, set of Facebook posts or Instagram captions, and convert it into a 500-750 blog post or email newsletter.
2 pieces per month: $275
4 pieces per month: $500

Original blog content

For the entrepreneur that needs engaging, client-attracting content for her website!

Let’s give clients even more ways to discover your message! Includes keyword research and meta description.
2 posts per month: $295
4 posts per month: $550


For the entrepreneur who needs a second set of eyes on her content to check for grammar, flow and consistency in tone and voice
$150 for 1000 words

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