send email listYou know how important email marketing is.

I mean, there’s a reason they say a blogger email list is like gold.

It’s the best way to directly reach people who are truly interested in your blog. So you create this awesome incentive and get them on your list.

But wait!

Once you’ve enticed them to sign up, what comes next? What do you send your email list?

What kinds of emails do you send? And how do you keep your subscribers around,  and not have them quickly unsubscribe with a “peace out, yo!”

This is something I struggled with for years. I didn’t even start an email list for a long time because I had no clue what to send or what types of emails should be included in email marketing.

I didn’t think I had anything valuable to share, so why even start a list?

Oh, how wrong I was.

Don’t be like me. Don’t slack on building you’re email list or getting into email marketing simply because you have no idea what to send your email list.

To help you out, here 10 types of email content you can send your list that are valuable, actionable and will keep them coming back for more.

What to Send Your Email List

#1 Free worksheets, downloads and printables

People la-la-love free stuff. I know I’m a sucker for a good, free, download. Send your email list free downloads that you know they will love.  It doesn’t have to be conplicated. Send them a worksheet they can use or a spreadsheet. If you create content upgrades for your blog posts, send them to your existing subscribers.

#2 Extra, email list exclusive, blog posts

Super simple but very valuable! Send your email list additional blog posts. They probably subscribed because they like your blog content, so create email content that’s similar to what they find on your blog will likely be a hit!

#3 News about your products or services

If you sell anything on your blog, send your email list any news or updates you have. Let them know your progress as you’re creating something new, or let them know when something has been added to your online shop. You could even offer exclusive discounts for your subscribers.

#4 Testimonials 

On the same note, share some testimonials about those products or services. Feel free to talk up your blog, but make sure you’re not spamming them about your offerings. Your email list should be about value, so make sure majority of what you’re sending is free and valuable, m’kay?

#5 Recap of blog posts

If you want to keep things really simple, send your email subscribers a recap of your weekly blog posts! Not everyone will have the time to check your blog each week, but they have a better chance of reading your post if it lands in their inbox.

Go one step further and send them the best of the best in your niche. Other bloggers will be thankful for the mention and the shares and may return the favor. Win win!

#6 An oldie but goodie

If you have an old blog post that’s super valuable to your niche but just doesn’t get the views and social love it deserves,  make sure it’s up-to-date and send it to your email list!  It’s a great way (and easy way!) to recycle content.

#7 Surveys

Surveying your email list is one of the best ways to find out exactly what they’re interested in. Find out what they’re struggling with, what they’d like to learn more about.  Use their answers to help you create content, other email content and digital products like ebooks and ecourses.

#8 A look into your blog

Readers want to connect with you.  They love seeing the person behind the blog. Give them a behind the scenes look at your blog, your processes, your staff if you have one, your editorial calendar, your day. This allows you to get more personal, and lets your subscribers get to know you better.

#9 Income reports 

Another way to let your email list inside your business is to share income reports. Some bloggers happily share these on their blog. Others may decide it’s something they’d rather share in a more intimiate setting like their email list.

Now why share income reports?

If you’re starting out blogging, it can help hold you accountable and allow subscribers to feel like you’re doing it along with them. If you’re a more established blogger, an income report can help inspire others.

#10 Blog growth reports

Similar to income reports, you can send your email list updates on the growth of your blog; your traffic, subscribers, social media followers. Let them know what you’re doing, what’s working and what’s not.

Getting started with your email list is easy. Create a valuable incentive with an opt in form. But what happens next? Send your email list any of these types of email content to keep them entertained, engaged and returning for more.