Let’s go back to before the world got it’s hands on you.

Before any fear or doubt got it’s chance to creep in.

Because once upon a time, you were sure of who you were.

Maybe at the time you were sure you wanted to be a princess or Gem or GI Joe, but dammit you were convinced it was possible.

You dressed the part. Acted it out. You believed in your heart that it was true.

Then, life happened.

A lot of us lose that assurance in ourselves. Somewhere along the line, we begin to tell ourselves that we can’t. Either someone or something led us to believe we just couldn’t.

We start to believe in failure.
In getting things wrong.
In the possibility that we can’t be whatever we want to be.
We start to worry what others think.

But what if you could reverse it?

I’m not talking about forgetting the lessons you’ve learned or the experiences you’ve had. Because both good and bad experiences are what make you who you are. They are fuel for your fire and help guide your purpose in life.

I’m talking about healing. Accepting and loving yourself through it all.

THAT is a reclamation of who you always were. Stripped back without the stories imposed on you. IN SPITE of the stories. Without the shoulds and the have to’s. Without fear and worry holding you back.

Just you. As you were meant to be. The personality, the confidence, the energy of you.

Mixed with your life experiences from a neutral, healed perspective … that is the magic that is you.

It’s time to go back to basics. YOUR basics.

When you reclaim who you are, you are more yourself. You’re more confident. You trust yourself. You know what you want and where you’re going.

You stop overthinking and second guessing, and trust that you know the right path and the right decisions for yourself.

That path may change. Your desires may change. That’s the beauty of having a human experience.

But when you are connected to you, what remains the same is the fact that are steadfast in your commitment to yourself and your happiness. In life and in business.

Are you ready to reclaim your true self? Here is the first step:

Start by uncovering all the stories, beliefs and lies that have been placed on you.

My favorite way to do this is through journaling of course. But you can always choose what works for you.

Let it all out. Here are some things you could think on:

  • What people have said to you or about you
  • The situations you’ve witnessed
  • The biggest events that shaped your life
  • The thoughts that go through your head on a daily basis

Ask yourself what you made these things mean about you.

You will start to see where a lot of the things you think and feel came from.

And once we start to understand, we can start to peel them back and heal from them, leading to the reclamation of your true self.

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