Note: This is a guest post by Jenny Wise

Spring often means never-ending rainy days where the kids are stuck inside with nothing to do. However, by doing a little prep work and utilizing technology, you can make the most of their day indoors and keep them entertained to boot. Here are some fun and educational online activities to earmark just in case the weather turns sour.

Hands-on Projects

The internet is a great resource in that it is full of all kinds of unique arts and craft ideas as well as science experiments that the kids can take on. There are even blueprints for legos and building blocks so they can spend the whole day creating their own towns and structures. For ideas, check out some educational and entertaining activities from EarthScienceJr.

Critical-Thinking Activities

Enhance your children’s ability to solve problems by printing out riddles, crossword puzzles, word searches, mad libs, sudoku, or jeopardy questions for them to work on. These will keep them thinking on their feet and even strengthen their critical-thinking skills which will likely improve their test scores at school.


Search YouTube for exercise videos that will have the kids hopping off the couch and out of bed. They will get their blood circulating by practicing fun dance moves and yoga stretches and poses. Many of these videos feature popular tunes that they can sing along to. These indoor workouts are a great way to channel your children’s energy in a more productive way and prevent them from bouncing all over the walls.


Encourage them to put on a show by finding kid-friendly scripts online. They can sing karaoke, do a puppet show, or put on a play. This is an opportunity to let them get creative and raise their self-confidence in the process.


Learning to play an instrument has proven to be educational, and by taking online music lessons, it’s easier than ever. Your kids can learn to play an instrument, and you won’t even have to transport them to their lesson. They can teach themselves online and go at their own pace by watching videos and printing lesson guides or worksheets.


There are also online drawing tutorials. Depending on the program or app, kids can experiment with textures, colors, shapes, and brightness and practice sketching. Koobits recommends ones that “let your kid share the page in real-time with his friends. So they all can draw at the same time on a same board.” This interactive twist adds to the fun of coloring mess free.


If your child is an animal lover, find lessons centered around all of the responsibilities that come with caring for a dog. According to, ”One way for teachers to multitask by instructing their students on both social and academic aptitudes is to incorporate creative, canine-based courses into their classrooms.” Keep them even more engaged by letting them research different breeds and their needs as well as looking at pictures and videos of various dogs.

No matter what your children’s specific interests are, chances are there is an online activity that will allow them to pursue them. Just remember that online safety is more important than ever before. Be cautious about the content you allow your children to view, and preview it so you know that it is appropriate. Consider putting ad blockers on and setting restrictions on inappropriate keywords or sites.


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