Show up. Be unapologetic.

I couldn’t imagine being here a few years ago.

I was broke. I was failing at business. I really had no direction or purpose. But it’s not for lack of trying. In fact, I was trying ALL. THE. THINGS.

I was desperate to find my way and figure out how to to build a successful business. I was following anything that seemed like it would work, I convinved myself to try strategies that really weren’t aligned for me.

And because of it, I continued to struggle. I watch other people pass me by, leaving me wondering, what was I doing wrong?

The honest, raw and shitty truth….

I was trying to do it all, but I was really doing nothing at the same time. Well, nothing that made sense for me anyway.

My #1 mistake? Not trusting myself.

I wasn’t listening to what I wanted in my business. I wasn’t following what I wanted to do, how I wanted to market, how I wanted to show up. 

I was totally and completely out of alignment.

Then, I reached my fuck it point.

I became fed up with all the “shoulds” I was listening to, and decided to listen to myself. I decided what was best for me and what felt fun for me. I let go of the rest of the it. I stop forcing myself to follow strategies that just didn’t light me up. I found what worked for me and stuck to it.

It wasn’t an overnight thing. And working on my mindset and learning to trust my intution played a big part in everything. WIth the right mindset and belief system, you can ultimately stay in flow and ease all the time. You can show up and market in ways that feel good to you. You can trust the ideas you get and launch and earn like a MF!

How can I help you?

I want to help get into that ease and flow.

To be able to fully show up authentically and show the world the real you. To have the confidence to really trust yourself. To recognize when you’re in fear and doubt, push through, and to do it anyway. To market your business in ways that feel so fun for you, and work for you, because your energy and enthusiasm are sky high that you begin magnetizing your soulmate clients.

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