If you’re not showing up consistently, this is for you.

You see, I know it feels like you might now know what to say to your audience.

But the truth is, you do.

Because your business, your message, it’s in you.

It’s an extension of you. It’s your own experiences.

You’ve been there. You know this stuff.

You know what to share.

Note: There’s a difference between your message and your messaging. Here’s a blog post that explains the difference 

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Okay …

Detour ended …

You know your message, it’s the reason you started your business.

The problem is actually doing the damn thing. Pushing post. THAT is the hard part. That’s the part where we start to think, “oh shit, what if so and so sees this?” Or “what will my audience think of me?”

Consciously or subconsciously, this is the point we freeze, curl up in the fetal position on the couch and pull out the Ben and Jerry’s and Doritos and Netflix.

We can tell ourselves it’s self care. Or that our soul needs the recharge. And in some cases, we absolutely do.

But other times, its blatant, fuckin avoidance.

Be honest.

Like today. I had the strong urge to do nothing but read. I’m re-reading The Universe Has Your Back and a detective mystery book that is the 3rd book in a series. I blazed through book 1 and 2. Trust me when I say this… I am invested in these characters now.

But I have some work that needs to get done. And I know I will not like myself tomorrow, or next week, if I let myself off the hook.

I know reading about who the killer is will NOT move me toward my goals.

So I want to encourage you to get real with yourself.

If you’re not consistent, why?

Do you feel disconnected from your messaging?

Or is it a fear thing?

If it’s the second one, examine that.

If you did start showing up more, what could happen?

Reel off what comes to mind. The real truth.

Yeah… I know you could grow your audience and gain more clients. That’s a given. But that’s not what you’re afraid of.

There’s a fear of friends and family seeing your posts.

There’s a fear of being judged.

There’s a fear of failing.

A fear of success and the problems you think it could bring.

There is something there that is holding you back from consistently showing up.

And dude .. it’s not time. Yes that can play a factor, especially if you have another job, or kids who need you every 5 seconds, but that’s a surface excuse.

Find the real reason.

Then face it. Challenge and debunk it. Give it the finger and know that your desire to have the business you dream of is much stronger than your fears.

You are powerful. Step into it.

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