Self-expression and marketing.

It almost seems like they don’t go together.

One is so magical and cathartic. The other is more calculated.

But I think they NEED to go together. If you’re a business owner, these 2 things should be intertwined. Self-expression should be at the core of your marketing. 

Let me explain.

We all have a certain way we prefer to express ourselves.

Some of us write. Some speak. Some sing or dance. Some draw or paint. 

But no matter what your preferred method of expression is, it needs to come out. There are things within us that need to be discovered and conveyed in order to truly be who we are. 

It took me a long time to understand this. I used to love to draw. In high school I loved my art class. I had a queue of classmates wanting me to draw their name in bubble letters with different effects in them, like shading and blending colors. My entrepreneurial side wasn’t developed yet, and I never thought to charge for these. I truly enjoyed creating them.

Then I told my mom I wanted to study Art in college. She said I couldn’t because it wasn’t a viable option for career. I was crushed. I took a few beginner art classes while getting my English degree but never pursued it further. 

In fact, I stopped drawing. I expressed myself as a writer, which is something else I’ve always loved doing. 

But I think something happens when you’re told to not express in a certain way. When you’re told to basically shut up in your expressive nature. 

Which brings me back to business. 

When we don’t fully express our vision and ourselves, and express them in ways that feel so good to us, we’re telling a piece of our soul to shut up. 

It’s like censoring your message. You can’t possibly fully share the magic of what you do if you’re self censoring. 

But like I said, marketing is calculated. So how do you combine something that’s so spontaneous with something that’s planned and thought out? 

You start with creating at the core of your marketing strategy. 

It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just start there. 

If your heart has more words in it than you can ever imagine, start with writing blogs or social posts. 

If you love expressing your thoughts vocally, do livestreams, a podcast or speak on stage. 

If you’re visual or like to create with your hands, I’d probably start with Instagram. 

Anything can be repurposed to fit other platforms. But when you start with what you’re most aligned with and what you’re most excited about, that energy gets transmuted into your marketing content. And people can feel that. They can feel when something is flowing vs forced. 

Use your creativity, the way your soul is most easily and effortlessly expressed, to share your business vision. 

When you do that, you’re not forcing anything. You’re not trying to fit a mold or be something you’re not. You’re just you, which is the best marketing strategy out there.