blogging for a livingAs someone blogging for a living, do you ever feel alone?

Okay, as an introvert, I love being able to keep to myself. But I know not all of you feel the same. I’m sure we have some hard-core extroverts here who would love nothing more than to get out in the world and be around others.

Because staring at a computer screen all day? Not as fun as you’d think.

I know right? Who would have thought?

So how can we make blogging for a living a little less lonely? Here are 6 things you can do right now.

Create a tribe of readers. Do your readers engage with you, leave comments on your blog posts, respond to your tweets, and like and comment on your Facebook posts? If not, start engaging them more! Not only does this bring more conversation and more interaction with your blog and your brand, but it helps readers connect to you more, creating a tribe of people who are always ready to chat online with you. Pose questions at the end of each blog post, ask questions on social media, respond to comments and even likes and new followers.

Connect with bloggers. Making connections with bloggers is a great way to interact with others. I’ve met some awesome bloggers online, bloggers who continue to share my posts and support my blog. Start making connections by reaching out to bloggers in your niche. Tweet them, share their posts, offer to collaborate. Not only does connecting help make blogging for a living a little less lonely, but it could help you boost your blog when other bloggers start sharing your posts and linking back to you.

Find a group. There are literally a ton of Facebook groups out there. Find out that fits your needs. Among my faves: The Blog Building Lab (Duh, cause this is mine), Blog + Biz BFFs by Melyssa Griffin and the Badass Solopreneur Society by Dre Beltrami. All of these allow you ask questions, get advice about blogging and share your posts; but more importantly, interact with other bloggers who “get it.”

Take it outside. Just cause you work from home doesn’t mean you have to work from your home. Grab your laptop and do some work from a crowded and bustling coffee shop. Want a cheat “work outside” tip? Use Evernote and put the app on your phone. I save the beginnings of blog posts as notes, and write from my phone. Not ideal, but it does let me get some work done while the kids are in an hour-long karate practice.

Take a break. Who says you have to work all day? Isn’t the ability to control our own schedules one of the many reasons we all started blogging? Schedule coffee or lunch dates with friends. Or go for a walk with a neighbor. Even the short time out will do you some good.

Do live video. Facebook Live, webinars, Blab. They all allow you to go live and talk to your readers. Do a live Q&A and respond to comments or pick a topic and teach. While it’s still not quite the same, it’s about as close as you can get to face-to-face interaction with tons of people at the same time. Plus it gives you an outlet to talk and interact.

Blogging for a living can be lonely, especially if you’re itching to get outside and interact with other people. For the truly extroverted, sitting in front of a screen all day isn’t going to cut it. But there are some ways to get both your online voice and your real voice heard.

How do you beat the blogger loneliness? Leave a comment and share your best tip.