Let’s talk low end offers.

These tend to get a bad rap in the coaching industry. When people are selling out 10K packages, it’s kind of hard to get excited making $20 a pop.

I get it. $20 here and there, it’s going a hell of a long time to buy that LV Neverfull bag you have your eye on. Or save up for that trip to Bali (or if you’re me … Disneyland)


What if that $20 product is just what someone needs to introduce themselves to your world?

And once they’re in and they realize how much they love you, they can’t help but want more and more from you.

Here’s the thing …

Investing thousands, even hundreds, for the first time with someone isn’t usually a spur of the moment decision.

Sure, it can be, but in general … the bigger the investment, the more info and time someone needs.

It takes some research, maybe a discovery call, then more thinking, pondering and wondering. Maybe some deep journaling and asking of opinions from others. Cause you know entreoreneurs love to go into Facebook groups and ask the opinions of strangers on the Internet.

But a few bucks? $20?

That’s a no-brainer price.

There have been many times where I discovered someone and immediately purchased something low end from them. Like Google, read some content and press buy.


Do I go on to work with them later? Not always.

But am I more likely to now that I know a bit more about them, how they teach and they value they bring?

You betcha.

This isn’t to say that high ticket doesn’t have it’s place. In fact, if you’re strapped for cash and you know you can land at least one client, doing something high ticket will likely be your fastest way to making some cash.

But I believe there’s a place for low ticket as well.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of both:

Low Ticket Pros

Total no-brainer. These are easy for clients to impulse buy. They don’t necessarily take a lot a lot convincing, especially when it’s a low price point.

It’s an entry drug. Often times, low ticket offers are the gateway into your world. They introduce people into your energy, the way you teach, and the value you bring.

Low Ticket Cons

The price. Let’s face it, unless you have a larger audience, you’re not going to get rich on selling just $20 offers.

High Ticket Pros

More income, faster. It takes less clients to make your money goal with a high ticket offer.

High Ticket Cons

It can take longer for people to buy. If your audience isn’t already buying from you, selling a higher priced offer can take a little more convincing.

What should you be focusing on?

If you have time to create both, do that. Give your audience multiples ways to say yes and work with you. Some may come in on the higher end packages, some may need more time and nurturing and will start with the low end stuff.

The bottom line is, they are getting into your energy and starting to get to know you and your magic.

So what if you can only do one?

My answer is ask yourself what your goal is. If you need money sooner than later, start with high end and land a few clients.

If you feel that’s not for you, go ahead and launch lower end stuff. It might be a slightly longer game, but if you’re continuously building your audience, you can still make a pretty good income off of low end stuff.

Especially if you’re launching things all the time!

Need some inspo for your next low end offer? Check out my mini-course, Plan and Launch Your Next Offer in a Weekend (Even if You Don’t Have an Idea Yet!)

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