The other night I had this really weird dream.

My kids and I and a couple other people were bored in this house, watching TV.
This guy came by and said he was going to get food. He asked everyone what they wanted, personally took their orders … except me.

I proceeded to go around double checking, asking everyone if that guy asked them what they wanted. He did. I asked my kids if he asked them. He did.

In my dream I felt myself feeling hurt, left out. Why hadn’t he asked me? He looked right at me when we were in the room together?

When I woke up, fresh with thoughts and feelings of being left out in my dream, I started to think about the message of the dream.

Being left out. Missing out on something.

This brings up something for almost all of us.

It’s not just that we don’t want to be left out, I mean we DON’T, but it’s the stories that come up with that scenario.

For me, being left out brings up fears of not being liked. Of not fitting in. And most importantly, of being the reason why I wasn’t included, like something was wrong with me.

And of course, I stared thinking about business.

This the main reason we don’t do our own thing and follow our intuition.

The reason why we try to market like everyone else and follow the trends, even if it’s not actually enjoyable for us.

We’re afraid we’re going to miss out. That we’re going to somehow get it wrong. And not only will our business fail, it will bring up all kinds of fears ABOUT OURSELVES.

If we listen to ourselves and get it wrong, that must mean something is wrong with us.

If we listen to ourselves and fail, it must mean that we’re not smart enough to figure it out on our own.

That our ideas are wrong.

That our intuition is wrong.

That we’re wrong.

That is the real reason we don’t follow intuition and let ourselves follow flow.

It’s not because we’re afraid we’re going to miss out on the hottest marketing trend. Well, not fully about that.

For a lot of us, it’s about not trusting ourselves to figure it out and do what we really want to do, because we’re afraid of what the repercussions might mean about us.

So what can we do about it?

We need to bring up the fears. The REAL fears and face them. Because we can’t move past them if we don’t know what they are and understand them.

Here are some journal prompts:

What fears does following your intuition and doing your own thing bring up?

What thoughts come up for you?

What does fear of missing out bring up?

What do you make those fears mean about you as a person, as an entrepreneur?

Answer these honestly and sit with the answers. If you’ve been chasing the next big thing and following all the experts and buying all the courses hoping and praying for answer, what might be the REAL reason behind the need to keep doing that?

It’s not about accumulating knowledge anymore. It’s about avoiding something deeper. Face it.

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