For as long as I can remember, I was a guarded person.


I remember as a child, the times I was told to be quiet, not to be expressive.

And then came the teen years.

I became even more guarded. Basically, I shut down.

As I went through my business, and spent years in failure, I realized that this guardedness, this severe lack of emotion, not only kept me safe from getting hurt, it also kept me from connecting to my business.

You see, if I wasn’t connected, I wouldn’t care if my launch flopped.

It wouldn’t hurt if I get turned down for a freelance gig.

I was detached and aloof and it caused me to keep on failing.

Because the energy of my business was never able to connect to me. To my soul. To my emotions. I keep it and me separate.

And to have a soul-based business, they need be connected.

But here I was, keeping my business close but really keeping it at arm’s length at all times. I worked in it and on it but never invested my heart into it.

The armor I placed around my heart was too thick. And it protected me for so many years. And it protected me well. It served me well. It kept me safe.

But there came a time where I was ready to release my plated armor. Where I NEEDED to release it.

Without this release, I would never move forward. I would never connect deeply with my business or even myself.

We all have our past and our own pain. And a lot of us use it as fuel for protection.

If we don’t feel or do ___, we won’t get hurt.

Makes logical sense right?

But this protection may just be what is keeping you stuck.

If my story sounds awfully familiar to you, perhaps you have also been missing the deeper connection with your business.

Perhaps your need to protect yourself (and this is not inherently bad — in fact it’s a natural, fight or flight instinct to protect yourself) has also been keeping you stuck.

Here are journaling prompts to consider:

What am I REALLY afraid of?

If I’m completely honest, have I been protecting myself and my feelings?

Am I fully putting myself out there when I promote and share my business or do I hold back out of fear?

If I were to go all out, balls to the wall, what would that look like?

How is this different from what I’m doing now?

How will I now choose to show up?

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