I’ve pivoted a lot over the last few years.

And if I’m completely honest, it was because I had no idea who I was or what I really stood for.

And that made me feel like I wasn’t getting it as an entrepreneur.

I would see coaches who seemed to know exactly what they were good at, and focus on that thing with laser-like concentration. And they thrived in it.

Meanwhile, I’m flopping around like a fuckin fish out of water just trying to keep breathing and not die a slow entrepreneurial death.

Have you felt like this? Like you have no damn clue what you’re doing at times?

Maybe you started your business doing one thing and slowly (or quickly) realized you no longer love it.

But then you worry, should I pivot?

Will I lose the momentum I’ve built? The clients I have?

Here’s the thing that took me years to understand … it’s not about your focus. It’s about you. YOU are your business.

As a human, you’re meant to be multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. I don’t believe there’s any reason to focus on one thing forever.

Plus, that’s boring.

Interests change. We change. That’s the beauty of being human.

When we build a business that is set up around you and your energy and not just something specific you offer, people are going to want to be in your energy, regardless of what your offer is.

It’s when we get caught up in needing to figure out our one thing that we think we cannot change things up.

But of course there’s still the real world, “I don’t want my business to fail,” question of how do I change my business without losing momentum? How do you pivot without losing what I’ve built?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

#1 Be okay with losing followers

Not everyone will continue on your journey. And that’s okay. Yes it may sting a little in the beginning as you watch your subscribers and friend count plummet, but it’s important to remind yourself that the people who are leaving are not your current ideal client anyway. Trust that if they are meant to continue working with you, they will find their way back to you.

#2 Stay open and honest

Keep your audience informed. Many of them are in your world for your ideas and your energy, not just a specific thing you offer. Because of this, there is a chance they will pivot with you, as long as you let them know what’s going on and where you are going.

#3 Trust and rebuild

It may take some time to pivot your audience. It may not. Either way, trust the process and TRUST YOURSELF. It’s easy to doubt when it’s not going as fast as you’d like. Stay the course. Remind yourself why you are changing your business and why your soul needs it.

I don’t think any of us need to stick to one thing or stay with a business we just aren’t aligned with anymore. We can change our business at any time. But it’s important to keep your audience informed, stay in integrity and just enjoy the ride.

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