Whether you’re a blogger or entrepreneur, you need SEO. This week’s interview is with Junaid, a blogger and SEO expert.

Meet Junaid:

Junaid is rising blogger and SEO speaker. A writer by day and a reader by night, he loathes discussing himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.




What’s your elevator pitch. What do you do and who do you help?

I am a Blogger and SEO speaker who helps newbies get started with their own business online. I’m skilled in ranking keywords by doing on page and off page SEO.

Tell us about your business journey.

As beginner, I just wanted to earn money, so I started the blogging. But instead of blogging what I do, I wrote articles similar to popular articles and published them on my blog, but that didn’t work. Then I started sharing free software on my blog and it’s still didn’t work. Then I started sharing movies and after movies I have created the tutorials, but everything failed because there was no organic traffic.

Suddenly my mind woke up and I realized I have forgotten to do SEO. I studied many weeks on this. Now I’m able to get the rankings and research keywords and create articles to get traffic in an organic way. I’m still working on my blog and am working to produce quality and authority content. Soon you will see another authority site as the pro blogger.

What do you love most about your business and being an entrepreneur?

The loveliest thing about blogging is that anyone can express their feelings and observations, while earning money for doing it. The best part of being an entrepreneur is totally enjoying the freedom. Actually in other jobs, everyone is bounded to some task, like they can’t do different things. But as an entrepreneur my business is independent and I’m working whenever I want instead of doing a boring routine daily.

What do you find to be most challenging?

Actually it’s really hard to define, what is the most challenging part because when I got started I have to suffer 3 years with useless information. I read many blogs and followed bloggers but I didn’t get their points. Now, all points are suddenly clear and my AdSense earnings has gone from $0.01 per day to $11 per day, which to me is really the return of my suffering.

How do you feel mindset has helped or hindered your success?

There is no success without a proper plan, that’s why I will go with the mindset. When I started I didn’t have clear vision of blogging and SEO that’s why I had to suffer lot. Now that I have a vision to understand blogging, I have realized that there are many things which I have suffered along with the time and money.

How do you market your business and reach new customers/clients? What would you suggest for anyone starting out?

I’m not the biggest blogger but I’m doing it on the small space. I observed the best way to capture new clients and market the business is with social media. I’m in many active Facebook groups of different niches and when I create a new post, with just one click, I can get my targeted audience along with the social signals to get ranked.

My suggestion is that before starting out create a proper plan and an alternative too. Create proper branding of your business, have a clear vision of your goals and lastly, research is the backbone of every successful entrepreneur.

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What is your best piece of advice for entrepreneurs who feel like they’re not quite where they should be in their journey?

I will just say keep going until you find the day. There are two types of paths, one is circular and other is straight. I was working from last 3 years in circular path, geting started with zero, going up to 100 and then again back to zero. Finally I have a straight path which started with zero and never went back to zero. Try to judge your path because if you are in circular way you will never get success.

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