I think we tend to overcomplicate the whole offer creation thing. We plan the offer, create, plan this elaborate launch …

And then of course, we overthink things.

We want it to be perfect.

To answer all our audience’s questions and completely and totally change their lives.

I mean, isn’t that why we all signed up to be entrepreneurs? To make a big difference (and make some money along the way?)

Here’s the problem though.

We can easily get stuck in this creation mode.

Overthinking and questioning and adding in a ton of stuff and thinking some more, it keeps us in this place of creation and wonder … but not in a good way.

It keeps us stuck.

It prolongs the actual launch.

And for some people, the damn thing never gets off the shelf.

You see, it’s a mindset thing.

Because when we’re busy adding in a ton of extra stuff and fluff, we’re trying to validate and justify the offer to ourselves.

We’re trying to validate the price.
We’re trying to justify creating the course.
We’re trying to prove that it’s valuable.

But we don’t need to overstuff to be valuable. In fact, overstuff can lead to consumer overload.

Kinda like a good meal. It tastes so good but when we overdo it, it’s no longer enjoyable. We feel bloated and crappy and we no longer look at that meal with appreciation, but rather with disdain and disgust.

The same thing can happen when you try to overstuff an offer. Just enough is just perfect.

And once we know and accept that creating something doesn’t have to be complicated or include anything and everything, it really becomes easy to plan, create and launch things.

You can absolutely come up with a new idea, create it and launch in a very, very short amount of time.

You can do it every week if you wanted to!

The secret is ALLOWING it to be that easy. And knowing that what you want to share and what you want to create and include are exactly what needs to be in that offer.

Here are some steps:

1. Decide what type of container you’re creating. It can be a course, mini course, group program. It doesn’t matter. Pick something that feels good for you to offer and create. Something that is easy for you to create. And just go with it.

2. Decide what goes in it. Do not make it difficult. Bottom line, the result needs to be specific and your audience needs to know what they will get. That’s it. If you can easily convey the value and the transformation (and transformation doesn’t have to mean something huge) your audience will buy it.

3. Take action. Don’t worry if you need to add more or do more. If what you’ve decided to include will offer the result, you’re good. You can of course, add in bonuses to increase the value, but that should come after. That shouldn’t be part of your original offer. Start with creating your foundation first, and then add on to wow people.

When we stop overthinking product and offer creation, it really does become easy. We can create things quickly. We can put out new offers often.


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