New month, new year, new decade. 
Welcome 2020! 
It’s currently the beginning of January, and it’s the perfect time to set goals for your business. 
What I love about setting goals is that it allows you to plan out your year with direction and dream big at the same time. 
Goals can be reasonable or something out of reach. In fact, I believe it’s a great idea to have some of both. 
Reasonable, attainable goals help you to plan your year and know what you’re trying to achieve. 
Out of reach, dream big goals allow you to see what’s possible and stretch yourself past your self-imposed limits. 
So let’s do this. Here are the steps for planning goals (and the steps to achieve them!) that will propel your business forward, increase your income and your overall abundance. 

Step 1: Decide what you want to accomplish this year 

Maybe you want to finally build your email list. Maybe you have a course you’ve been wanting to launch. 
For example, my immediate goals for the year look something like this:
  • Get consistent with my blog and email newsletters 
  • Add passive income streams  
  • Hire a VA that I absolutely love 
I also have some mindset goals: 
  • Be more mindful and aware of my finances
  • Focus on the strategies that feel good for me 
  • Trust in God and the Universe more and let go of control  
And one of my dream big goals is to hire a team for my business. 
Go ahead and do a brain dump here. List everything that comes to mind. Do NOT think of how you will accomplish these goals. That’s not important right now. Right now you’re creating a wish list for your business. We’ll get more into the actual steps for each goal in a second. 
I know it can be tempting to want to understand how you will achieve all these things. Like for my big goal, I know that personally, I want to certain level of income before I hire a team because that’s what feels good to me. And because I don’t know how I will get that level of income yet, it makes me want to think this goal is pointless. But it’s not. I know speaking this goal out loud puts the frequency out into the Universe. It will happen. 
Okay, moving on …

Step 2: Choose your first goal to tackle 

The order in which you tackle your goals makes a difference. 
What can you choose first that will help set a good foundation for the rest of your goals? 
If they are all completely separate and won’t support each other in any way, choose the one that feels easy and effortless first. There’s something so yummy about being able to get in that place of flow to create one thing, and watch it snowball so you can stay in flow and create even more. 

Step 3: Break it down

Here’s where we get into more specifics. 
And more brain dumping. 
Make a list of what it’s going to take to reach your chosen goal. 
For example, if you’re planning to build an email list this year, some of the things you’re going to need to do are: 
  • Create a client-attracting freebie 
  • Pick a email service 
  • Write your landing page copy
  • Create opt in forms 
  • Write a welcome sequence 
  • Make plans to email consistently 
Larger goals feel much more achievable when you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish them. 

Step 4: Schedule it in

Okay. Here’s where you actually get shit done. Whether you use a paper planner, Google calendar or a mix of both like I do, schedule your tasks in. Be realistic about how long each thing will take to finish, and leave room for flexibility and creativity. 
There’s a big difference between leaving room for creativity and going with the flow, and telling yourself you don’t need a schedule because you will do things when it feels good to do things. 
I am 100% here for shifting and inspired downloads. But if you spent most of last year on a whim without ever really accomplishing anything, it’s time to rethink your planning structure. Yes, I said that. 
Don’t get me wrong. I love being creative and getting inspired. I love when a new idea hits and it’s soooo good it needs to be followed through on right away. 
But I also know that scheduling things helps remind us to take the action we want. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can create a loose plan and still leave room for flexibility. 
Remember, a plan is just that … a plan. It’s not set in stone. It can be tweaked, especially when a more aligned idea comes into your energy. 

Step 5: Keep going 

Pick your next goal. Break it down. Schedule it in. 
I’d also recommend revisiting your yearly goals every quarter or mid way through the year. 
Like I said, new ideas happen and we sometimes want to shift gears. And that’s perfectly fine. It just means going back to the drawing board (or brain dumping board) and planning out the steps to achieve your new goals and ideas. 
I’ve tried going through years without planning things out. I’ve tried relying solely on my intuition and whimsical wishes. It never pans out the way I want it to. Because being the dreamer I am, I get distracted. And I forget to do things. 
Goal and task planning, with some wiggle room, allows me to see what I want to accomplish and help me get there. 
Oh! You may be wondering about the dream big goals. As you go through your other goals and set the foundation for a successful business, you may be surprised to see how much closer you are to being able to achieve that stretch goal.