The past can be a bitch can’t it?

Things replay in our heads, affecting what we say and do, even now.

We worry about the past replaying, and we hold back.

I failed that one job … I’m afraid I’m going to fail again so I don’t even try.

I was teased before … I’m afraid it will happen again so I don’t put myself out there.

Things replay in our minds. But here’s the thing, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

I don’t want to say it’s all in our heads, but the reality is, we do have the power to get past the past and move on.

It’s just scary.

There are so many what ifs.

But what if it happens again? My spirit will be crushed.

What if I experience the same thing? It would verify what my mind is telling me is true.

What if I do fail again? It would mean that I really am a failure and I can’t do it.

You see? It’s the things we tell ourselves that are keeping us from moving on.

What if … instead of thinking worst case scenario … we starting thinking positively?

What if we started telling ourselves that we won’t fail or that we can do it?

What if we could get past the past?

Imagine how your outlook would change.

Imagine how your life and business would change if you didn’t let the fear or doubt hold you back.

Getting past pain and hurt isn’t any overnight thing. It takes continuous, conscious work. But when you grow your awareness and stay committed to healing, you can stop letting your past keep you down and start moving forward.

7 Ways to Get Past Your Past

#1 Decide

First step? Decide that you’re done letting things control you. I know fear can be debilitating, but it’s amazing what telling yourself that you’re ready can do. Draw the line in the crap sand and decide.

#2 Feel your feels

Acknowledge them. A lot of time we try to suppress our emotions. I know.

Old me was the Queen of Emotion Killers. I ignored them, drank, smoked and snorted them away. But none of that keep the past from keeping me stuck. In fact, it kept me stucker (yes I know that’s not a word). Because I never, not once, addressed my past or my emotions.

Don’t be like old me.

#3 Mantras and affirmations

Create mantras, affirmations, reminders of what you want to feel. Stick them everywhere. Put them on your phone, youe computer. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself in a positive mindset and not spiraling into negative thoughts.

#4 Focus on the present

In this present moment, you are safe. Any fear or worry exists in the future. Any memories exists in the past. In this exact moment, you are safe. Center your attention on the here and now and bring awareness to what is thriving in this moment.

#5 Forgive others

Understand that if another person was involved, they may not know how much they have affected you. And were most likely dealing with their own shit.

Forgiving them is essential to getting past your past. You can do this to their face or simply by yourself. Write a heart felt letter and let it all out. You can send it or burn it. Either way, the intention is there. Like Elsa said, let it go.

#6 Forgive yourself

Besides forgiving others, it’s also important to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for your part in the past, for any grudges you held on to, for anything you feel you need to release for your own well-being.

#7 Ask for help

Lastly, I do want to say that if you have experienced serious trauma, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. That’s a decision you need to make on your own. If you feel like self care isn’t enough, reach out to someone for help. A healer, an energy worker, even a clinical psychologist. Do what’s best for you.

We all have instances in our past that have affected us. They replay in our heads and keep us afraid of the past repeating. But these instances are no longer serving us, they are only keeping us stuck. Use these tactics to help you stay in the present moment, stay positive and get past the past.

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