I see you.

I saw that post you did, that live.

You’re on your way.

You put it out there. The real you. What you really want to do.

It’s scary AF isn’t it?

This is where a lot of people give in to the fear.

No one responds to their post and they think it’s a sign. They think the made a mistake. “Maybe I’m not supposed to do this”

“Maybe I can’t do this.”

Dude. Can’t is a fuckin dirty word.

It clouds your mindset, your hopes and dreams.

This is where some people (not you people, you’re different) decide to quit. They go back to what feels safe. They stay in their comfort zone and carry on with their lives and business.

They tell themselves they are satisfied, but let’s be honest, they’re not. If they weren’t meant for something more, they wouldn’t have had the downloads.

But you? You’re going to keep on going.

Because you’re different.

You’re ready …

To have the business you secretly dream about

To lead

To carve a new path

To be a trailblazer and a change maker in your niche

You’re ready to tell fear to fuck off and to keep going and surrender to flow.

And yes, it’s still scary at times.

It wouldn’t be challenging you to grow and evolve if it wasn’t scary.

But pushing yourself to keep going AND trusting in flow and the bigger picture will yield you results your human mind could never even dream of.

Want to know the secret to push yourself and surrendering to flow?

Here it is …

You connect to God/Universe/Source and yourself daily, listen and take action.

That’s it.

Listen to what your intuition tells you. And act on it. One small step at a time if needed.

The steps don’t always make sense. But trust that there’s a bigger plan in place, one that we can’t even imagine.

I want to challenge you to lean more into your gut feelings and urges. When you get an inspired idea, act on it before overthinking it and allowing fear to take over.

Keep going. Surrender. And watch the magic unfold.

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