This is something that needs to be said …

You (yes, I’m speaking specifically to you), you know what you need to do.

You know what your path is.

Most of the time, it’s the most muthafuckin scary choice.

Because doing what you are meant to do isn’t always easy. It isn’t even always neat.

It’s sometimes messy and the journey there can be painful.

There are often a lot of lessons along the way. Lots of twists and turns that take you on this path.

But if were easy, everyone would be living their best life and doing what they are called to do.

I know you know what your path is.

You get the nudges. You have a deep inner feeling.

But you’re scared. You wonder if it’s real. If you are really meant to do this. If you CAN do this.

You tell yourself you can stick with what you’re doing now. That you’ll be fine if you continue on your current path.

But will you?

Will you be truly happy, or will you be hiding away a part of who you know you are meant to be?

And I know there are so many things you could be doing. Things you are good at. But that doesn’t mean you are meant to do them.

This is something I had to learn the hard way.

I thought I had found my purpose. Something I knew without a doubt that I was good at.

I told myself I had finally found it. That I was done searching.

But slowly but surely, I started to lose my enthusiasm. It wasn’t that I resented what I was doing, it just didn’t light me up anymore.

In fact, I spent so much of my online career going through this cycle of thinking I’ve found it and realizing I hadn’t.

The problem was, I wasn’t allowing myself to fully be me, to fully own my true path.

Because we all have a path, a journey that we’re walking on. It’s one that’s meant just for us, and everything in it adds up to where we are meant to go.

And I believe that this is what we’re meant to share with others. And it can be the scariest thing because it’s so vulnerable. It’s so real and raw.

If you have been feeling like there’s something more …

That there something else you’re meant to do …

It probably means there is something more.

And you already know what it is.

So how do you know you’re on the right path, and then stay on it even when it’s scary as hell?

1. Get honest. Are you happy? Truly, deeply satisfied. Or do you feel like there’s more you’re meant to share and you’re just holding back?

2. Let your fears out. What is so scary about it? I know how being vulnerable can be the scariest thing in the world. I used to think it showed weakness. And weakness wasn’t okay. But it’s necessary.

3. Trust yourself. Stop looking at what coaches and strategies are telling you. You know the right things to do. The right strategy for YOU is within you. It’s YOU being YOU. Trust your gut. Trust what you know to be true.

4. Keep addressing your fears. They will keep coming up. ESPECIALLY when you’re on the right path. Things will pop up to distract and derail you. Keep going.

I believe that most of know what we are called to do. But fear and doubt keep us from venturing down that path. But if you can face those fears and stay on your path, it is SO worth it.

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