Let’s talk about feeling good enough.

This is something that held me back for a long time.

And I know I’m not alone.

Because we get ideas and then we kind of freak out, and question ourselves.

We get stuck in imposter syndrome.

So I just wanted to touch a little on feeling good enough to do what you’re meant to do, or teach what you’re meant to teach.

So first thing, I want you to think on:

If you could teach/do anything you wanted to, what would that be?

Be honest with yourself. There is no one judge you here.

Then I want you to think about what comes up when you think about that calling? Is it confidence or fear?

If any fear or doubt comes up, I want to share with you a little trick that really helped me.

First of all, you have so much experience and life lessons in you. Everything you have done and learned is fuel for the fire to help others. You paved your way so you can go and help others do the same.

So the trick is (and it’s really so simple but not the always the most comfortable to do) go through your experiences and what you’ve learned from them.

Journal on EVERYTHING. If you are a verbal processor, go ahead and speak it, maybe record your session with yourself.

Go through the good and the bad. The things you’ve done, learned and been through. If it stands out in your memory, there is likely a reason for it.

When I did this, I listed things like my mom telling me she loved me but didnt like me and how she called me stupid. Because looking back, it taught me that her shit was her shit and I’m not responsible for her issues. And I can’t let it affect me anymore.

Or my years of failing in business taught me so much about online marketing, business, resilience.

Everything is a lesson.

Spend some time journaling your experiences and discover what they taught you.

You will see just how much knowledge and experience you have, how much value you really have to share with the world, and just how capable you are.

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