We’ve all been told to market in certain ways.

To show up consistenly, build an email list, go live, do podcasts, get on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/LinkedIn/Tik Tok/whatever is hot right now. 

But what if those methods just don’t feel good to you? What if they aren’t aligned?

Note, there’s a difference between not aligned and not doing something out of fear. The first is okay, the second is not. Dig deeper into why you don’t feel a strategy is for you.

Now if something really isn’t aligned, should you force it? 

In my opinion, the answer is no. 

When you force something, that forced energy gets fed into your content. Which feels icky for both you and your audience. 

From a spiritual standpoint, everything is energy. Even your content. So when you aren’t feeling good about what you’re creating and putting out, the energy behind it will be, well, not good. 

I recently went back through my Facebook posts and what I realized was super eye opening.

There were so many things I posted because I felt like I had to. Like it was the right thing to do. They weren’t bad posts, but some things (mainly memes and gifs) were posted mainly to connect with my audience.

I could literally feel the “look at me” and “I hope I connect with people” energies oozing from my posts.

Super yuck.

Because the truth is, that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong. I can be funny. I can be outgoing. But in this context (meaning, marketing myself) it just felt forced. 

But there remains a problem. I, like all of you, still need to market my business. And I still need to grow my audience and get in front of my ideal clients. 

So I decided to really get clear on how I like to show up. 

Because I believe that’s, like, step one of creating an aligned strategy.

After that, it’s all about figuring out how to connect your most aligned way of showing up with your ideal audience. 

Here’s what you need to do. 

#1 Identify what feels most exciting for YOU

Literally numero uno. No joke. Do this. Identify what feels fun and flowy and good. Don’t worry about what coaches or gurus have told you needs to be done. Gather up all the info you’ve collected over the years in your brain space (I know there’s a lot) and think of what methods, platforms and strategies resonate most with you. 

#2 Identify where your ideal clients are and what they respond to best

Once you know what YOU want to do and where you want to be, take a step back and think about where your ideal clients are. Is it the same place? 

What types of content do they respond to best? Does it match up with what you want to create? If your answers were yes and yes, you’re in luck. If not, move on to the third step. 

#3 Figure out how to close the gap

So where your ideal client and where you want to be don’t quite go together as closely as you’d like. 

That’s okay! 

This is where you figure out how to close the gap. For example, my preferred method for ANYTHING is writing. Especially blogs. I prefer creating longer pieces of content over creating social media posts. And while I do pin my blogs, I know not everyone who might hire me for writing content is going to be searching for a writer on Pinterest. 

They’re on Facebook. But again, not my fave place to be. Nothing against it, it just doesn’t fit MY idea of flowing energy. 

So here’s what I do. I simply take my blog posts and repurpose them into social media posts. Mind blowing right? Of course I throw in sales posts so people know what I have to offer, but for the most part, I don’t force myself to come up with a ton of social media content if I don’t want to. There are times when I do feel inspired to write something specifically for social media and I’ll roll with it. But if not, I don’t force it. 

So now … you. If you enjoy podcasting, do that. And share it elsewhere. If you enjoy videos, either do Facebook lives and repurpose them into YouTube videos or podcasts. If you like videos but don’t want to do them live, go the opposite way. Record and share. There are so many options. There’s really nothing you HAVE to do.