A bigger audience means more potential clients and buyers. More potential clients and buyers means more conversions. 
Makes sense right? 
But if increasing our audience is the answer to more of what we want, why don’t we do more of the things that increase our audience? 
This is an answer that’s individual to everyone, but in general, there are 3 main reasons.
#1 We get comfortable. We get complacent. When what we’re doing is working for us, our tendency is to stick with it and not change things. The down side is that we can eventually tap out our current audience. 
#2 We just don’t have the time. Because growing an audience takes more time and more effort on our part. Which makes us try to convince ourselves that what we’re doing is working and we don’t really need to grow. See reason #1.
#3 We have no frickin clue what to do. This is self explanatory right? 
But nevertheless, if we want to change the world, we must grow and expand our audiences.
But like everything I share, it doesn’t have to be hard. 
Tangent: I feel like most of my content lately is about doing what feels good and easy. While this makes me feel in flow, it makes me sound like a lazy entrepreneur. I’m 100% okay with that. If being “lazy” means being smart about the things I spend my energy on, bring it on. My wish for all of you is that you can market in smart and lazy ways that work for you too. Tangent over. 
Okay. Let’s get to it. Here are 4 easy ways to grow your audience this year. 

#1 Expand to other platforms  

Maybe you’ve conquered Facebook or Instagram. And you’re doing pretty damn well there. But there is so much more out there. There are more platforms, more people to discover you. In order to grow your audience and uplevel your business, you must branch out to other platforms. 
But choose wisely! Consider your intended audience and where they already frequent. Check out similar entrepreneurs and see where they’re posting. The idea, of course, isn’t to copy them, but to find out where existing audiences are hanging out. 

#2 Add different types of content 

Like adding more platforms, you want to add different types of content. People consume content in different ways. Some like to watch, some like to listen, some like to read. Catch all the different types of learners by utilizing different types of content. Write blogs, freebies and emails. Go live on Facebook and IG stories. Record podcast episodes. Again, focus on what feels good and will help you grow at the same time. 

#3 Focus your groups

If you’re using Facebook groups to grow your business, you likely did the whole “join a shit ton of groups and see which works the best for you” thing. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with testing the waters, if you really want to grow your audience, it’s time to pare down and focus your groups. 
How the hell will using LESS groups work to grow an audience? It’s simple. You pick the right groups. Focus on groups that are active with your ideal audience. And I don’t mean active in the way that there are a lot of people and posts. I mean active as in, there are a lot of COMMENTS.  
Don’t only look for groups that allow promos. That doesn’t even matter. People turn a blind eye to drive by promo posts. Focus on groups that have active participants, who ask and answer questions. And no, you don’t have to do the promo post thing. You don’t even have to do the “this isn’t a promo post” but it’s really a promo post type of post. You know exactly what types of posts I mean. 
Add value. Answer questions. Ask questions. But make sure your personal page and business page are ready to tell people more about you. When you truly add value and help, people will want to know more about who you are. 

#4 Be consistent

Lastly, keep showing up. To be honest, this one has been so hard for me. I’m a huge introvert. And I had a lot of unworthiness issues. So I kept myself from putting myself out there. The more I show up, the more chances to get rejected right? So as much as I wanted to be consistent, I held myself back and kept myself small. 
But being consistent really is the best way to grow an audience, no matter what types of content, platforms or strategies you choose. So keep showing up. Even if it feels like no one is listening, trust me, they are. Keep going. You’ll never know how many people are silently watching and waiting for their right time to invest. 
To gain more clients, you need to grow your audience. But you don’t have to do it all. Expand to a few, well-chosen platforms. Create more types of content. Stick to the places where your ideal audience hangs out and show the F up for them!