I see you …

Eyeing that new program.

That new course.

The VIP upgrade.

I know it sounds amazing.

The sales page is speaking to you.

You feel like everything in the offer is EXACTLY what you need.

Of course you do. That’s the job of a good sales page. Duh.

But you’re seriously worried that if you don’t sign up, you’re going to miss something good.

But guess what?

That desire for more info? The hunger for it?

It’s screwing you.

Cause that fear of missing something?

That’s keeping you small. It’s keeping you in learning mode. It’s allowing you to keep putting off what you really need to do.

On one hand, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more information. I believe in continually learning and upleveling the mind.

But learning should never be a distraction from what you really should be doing, which is taking aligned action to move your business forward.

The truth?

It’s not about learning a new strategy, or even finding the perfect strategy.

Because there is no such thing.

The perfect strategy is you. It’s you following your heart and your inner guidance. It’s you allowing yourself to be in flow, flowing the nudges and doing what makes the most sense for YOU.

So what if, instead of trying to tell yourself you’re going to miss something, tell yourself that you already got this.

Trust yourself to go all in on yourself.

Trust yourself to trust yourself.

Stop chasing the next big thing. Stop telling yourself that something outside of you will be your answer.

Cause it won’t.

The only answer you need is you. This is what will allow you to move forward.

If you find yourself continually collecting information and signing up for things, just stop.

Tell your FOMO to fuck itself.

And trust me, I’ve been there. I have about 8 notebooks full of notes from various courses and webinars I’ve taken.

And I still fight the urge to sign up for things.

But I take a step back and ask myself, do I really need this? Or is this distracting me from taking action?

Ask yourself these same questions and answers honestly.

There’s no shame in learning. Learning is a good thing. But if you see a new offer that could keep you from actually doing the work, that is when you know you need to pass on it.

Show up. Be unapologetic. Be YOU.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Do you use learning as a distraction? Click here to send me an email and let me know.