finding a blog nicheYou’ve heard it before.

You need to have a niche.

But what you may not understand is WHY you need one. Or just how important finding a blog niche really is.

Because picking your niche is about more than just passion.  Sure you want something you, and your target readers are interested in.

Because if no one cares, then no one is reading.

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But that’s not the real reason why you need to pick a niche.

Why You Need to Find Your Niche

Okay. So there are many reasons to pick a niche.

But the main reason? The #1 reason you should find your niche?

Picking a niche allows you to really focus and narrow your blog and its content.

Now, I want to clear something up. I often see people thinking they need to narrow down their topic to find their niche, and they freak out because they want to write on many different things. If you fall into this category, don’t worry. There are actually 2 types of blog niches:

  • Topic Niche: This is what you think it is. A blog that is solely on one topic and everything related to that topic. This could be blogging, parenting, vegan food. All the posts, images and content all relate to one topic.
  • Demographic Niche: Now, on the other hand, a demographics niche is writing for a specific group of people. Lifestyle blogs fit well into this category. For example, you can have a lifestyle blog for work at home moms, or a lifestyle blog for college-aged men. You can write on different topics, but all your posts should speak to one group of people. It is still very focused, just focused on a very specific group of people rather than a topic.

So let’s say you wanted start living a vegan lifestyle. You do a Google search and find a few articles that look good. One is posted on a blog dedicated to living, eating, breathing all things vegan and how to do it. Another is on a blog that looks sort of like a mommy blog. She posts about parenting, crafts, recipes, maybe even her day.

While both articles offer value in your search to learn more, which blog are you most likely to bookmark and return to for more information about living a vegan lifestyle?

The first of course! Because you know all the posts will be about something you’re interested in. They’re both lifestyle blogs, but the first writes content that one specific group, in this case people living a vegan lifestyle, interested in.

Another example: You go looking for a vegan recipe. You get blogs that create varied recipes, on everything under the sun. Sure, their recipes are delicious, but only a percentage of them will be vegan. Then you find one that’s all vegan food. I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Which, my newly vegan friend, will you be returning to, subscribing to, maybe even buying their cookbook?

The totally vegan one right? And you might even buy that cookbook one day!

So apply this to your own blog.

Is your blog focused? Either on one specific topic (like in our recipes example) or one group of people with a like interest  (like in our lifestyle blog example).

Finding a blog niche allows you to get super specific. Why? So your readers know whether or not they should come back. Yes, you will knocking off groups of people and alienating them from your blog. But that’s okay. Because the ones who are interested are going to stick around and fall in love with everything you write.

And picking a niche is the foundation of a successful blog. Want to learn more about how to plan out a rock solid blog, how to build it up to get the most attention and then how lo launch it to the masses? Check out Plan, Build, Launch! Get Your Successful Blog Up in 30 Days or Less