Let’s talk about content.
You know you need it to attract clients.
But the bad news: There’s so much to create. There are Facebook posts, Instagram captions, blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos, Facebook lives …
The good news: You already have some content created. Whether it’s written, video or audio, you’ve already been showing in ways that light you the hell up.
Luckily, creating more content doesn’t have to be hard. Taking your already-created content and repurposing it into other forms of content is the easiest way to spread your message reach more people.
Easily spreading your message in multiple ways.
Diversifying your content to reach more potential clients.
Connecting with more of your tribe.
Getting more sales.
Changing more lives.
Content repurposing allows you to come up with something truly magical once, and then make the most of it by reusing it for other types content or on other platforms. To get you started, here are 12 ways to repurpose your existing content.

#1 Turn your Facebook live videos into blog posts or newsletters for email subscribers.

#2 Turn your podcast episodes into blog posts or newsletters.

#3 Take your Facebook lives, download them and turn them in to YouTube videos or podcast episodes.

#4 Take an existing blog post and create a podcast episode with it.

#5 Take longer social posts and turn them into blog posts.

#6 Take blog posts and break up the content into shorter pieces to be used on social media.

#7 Extract quotes from your lives, webinars or podcasts and create quotes to share on social media.

#8 Turn those quotes into branded images.

#9 Take your most popular teaching blog posts and put them together to create a course for some passive income.

#10 Or into an ebook for sale.

#11 Same with your videos. Package them together and create a course for sale.

#12 Or turn them into a free opt-in to help collect email addresses.

Whatever you’ve already created, you can easily use it to create more. Take one thing and turn it into another. And do it again, and again. Reuse one piece of content as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you need to copy it word for word. But you can take one lesson or message, tweak it a bit and share it everyone your ideal clients are.