I had not one but two psychics tell me the thing I was doing was not the thing I supposed to do.

And my brain goes, “well fuck because I know I’m good at this thing and I have no idea what other thing there is.” Like the thing that is the thing is no longer the thing but I don’t know what the new thing is.

That’s kind of the deal when it comes to purpose. We all have one and just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s your purpose. We can be good at many different things, even make money off many different things but it still doesn’t mean those things are your soul’s purpose.

So how do you know, right?

Well I think generally there’s this sense of knowing something is off. You may not know what it is, but you know there’s something more.

If you find yourself still searching for the next big thing, you may not have connected with your purpose.

And also there’s that feeling …. when you start to no longer enjoy what it is you do. When it becomes work. It goes from “I get to” to “I have to.” That’s when you know that even though you’re good at it, it may not be the right thing for you.

And another piece to the puzzle, I think that the more we heal, the more we learn about ourselves, and our purpose, or at least what we believe is our purpose, can and will change.

Because you can’t unravel blocks and layers and not expect your views and desires to change.

Because for real, life’s too short to continue doing something that’s not fun.

So take a look at what you’re currently doing. Does it light you up? Or does it feel like work?

What needs to change? And what parts of you do you need to finally claim in order to be the person, live the life and have the business you really, truly desire?

And then, what do you need to address to live that life without fear or doubt?

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