Let’s talk about how you set up your day.

Do you have a routine?

Do you have some sort of schedule?

Who told you that schedule was a good one?

Now, don’t get your panties in a twist just yet.

A lot of us plan our day and create this grand morning plan based on things other people have said to do.

I mean, there’s entire books written on how to set up your morning and succeed.

So I don’t really blame you.

But, is that routine really working for you?

Think about this for a second.

Is your morning, your day, set up that way because it sounded good?

For me, I realized I was following someone else’s routine.

And trust me, it was a good one too.

I had my morning all planned out where I’d get up, do my affirmations and journaling. And go into my content. So before any client work or homeschooling gets done, my content is already created.

It sounds good. It even feels good I theory.

But after a couple days, I realized it wasn’t working.

You see, I’m most productive in the morning. And that’s part of the reason I wanted to get my content done then.

But I realized it left me doing client work later in the day. When I thought about it, my schedule needed to be flipped. I needed to get into client work first, knock it out and do it damn well, and focus on my content later in the evening when I’m relaxing.

This super simple shift suddenly opened up my flow again.

As soon as I made my plan fit my day better, I immediately had ideas for 4 blog posts and 2 emails just for my list.

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So now to you.

Here are some prompts to journal on so you can open yourself up to flow.

#1 Where are you listening to others or conforming? Where are you doing things that you think you need to or should be doing?

#2 What would you rather be doing instead? What makes more sense FOR YOU?

#3 How can you change things up and do your thing?

Think on these prompts. Be honest. I know a lot of times we create routines and strategies based on what others have done because they have been proven to work for others. But that doesn’t mean they have to be yours. Do your own thing. Create something that makes sense for you. And open up the floodgates for creativity and flow.

Remember… Show up. Be unapologetic. Be YOU.