“Only you should write your content.”

“No one else will sound like you.”

“If you outsource, it won’t be authentic.”

I call bullshit. 

No way do I believe that spiritual leaders need to do everything in their business or risk losing some of their authenticity.

That just sounds like a recipe for burnout and exhaustion. And it’s pretty damn hard to create from a soul-filled place when you’re tired AF and low vibing.

Here’s what I believe.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing the parts of your business that don’t feel good. Because it leaves you open to do the parts that DO feel good, keeping you in a high vibe place all the time.

I believe it is important, however, to know who you’re hiring and to choose people who completely get your vision and message.

I believe that when you’re inviting someone into the sacred space that is your business, you need to make sure your energy is aligned and it just feels damn good.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring help, even for your content. In fact, I think bringing in people who are an energetic match becomes necessary in order to uplevel and expand.

But it is important to be selective about who you work with and who you let touch the energy of your words and your message.

But how do you know you’ve found the right writer? Here’s what to look for:

Energy. This is a big one for me. Before I hire anyone for my own business, it needs to feel good. I like to follow my intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, I tend to trust it. 

When hiring a writer, start by getting to know them. Chat on Messenger, set up a video chat or phone call. Get a feel of their personality. Make sure you feel comfortable with them. If it feels off from the beginning, working together isn’t going to make it any better. 

Bonus tip: If they can get a good read on YOUR energy, even better. It will help make sure the content that is produced for you really matches and magnifies your energy.

Skill. Anyone can write. Hell, my 8-year-old son writes stories, journals and letters for his Language Arts class. Does it mean it’s the best composition ever written? Absolutely not. 

There’s a difference between writing and effective writing. Look at samples. Look at how they write, the stories they tell and the pictures they’re able to paint with their words.

Also, check if they’ve written content similar to yours. Or if they haven’t written something similar, check out their writing style. A good writer should be able to take on your content and master it, even if they haven’t written on the exact subject before.   

Knowledge. While I think that everything is Google-able, knowing beats having actual knowledge and experience with the subject matter. 

When a writer knows enough about your industry, the writing flows better. The excitement they have about the content comes through. The resulting content is just better overall. 

As a spiritual entrepreneur, the way you show up and the messages you put out in the world matter so much.

But you can’t possibly do it all. Because you want to be able to protect your own energy and stay in your zone of genius. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing content creation … as long as you pick the right writer. 

Get to know your applicants, make sure it’s a good fit, check out their experience and their samples. And above all else, trust your gut. When it’s right, you will know. 

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